Google Releases New Android Auto Update with Experimental Changes

Google Releases New Android Auto Update with Experimental Changes

Google has just released a replacement Android Auto update as part of the beta channel, giving users the prospect to undertake some changes beforehand.

The new Android Auto version within the beta program is 6.8.1131, and it’s one among the primary released by the corporate since it unlocked the testing platform for everyone out there.

However, it still comes without a changelog, so while you’re invited to undertake this new release, Google seems to be more curious about feedback concerning the general stability and reliability of the app instead of a selected feature.

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Beta builds of Android Auto could also include several major bug fixes, and as we told you within a previous couple of weeks, there are tons Google must patch within the app.

Users have recently encountered a drag causing the audio to chop out on Android Auto when Google Maps is configured to supply navigation instructions. the entire thing seems to affect Toyota cars exclusively, and while Google says it’s looking into reports, no ETA has been provided on once we could get our hands on a fix.

This is why these beta releases are so important. Mainly considered the most straightforward thanks to rolling out experimental changes to users out there for broader testing, the beta versions allow Google to introduce smaller patches that will or might not work, all without an increased risk of breaking things on production devices.

This is often also the most recommended beta program that comes within the first place. You shouldn’t install a beta repose on your device unless you recognize precisely what you’re doing, and additionally, you shouldn’t roll in the hay on your primary phone anyway.

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These releases accompany an increased likelihood of problems, and while some errors might be fixed, others might be easily caused just because Google is experimenting with these changes.

A new stable version of Android Auto is predicted later this month with a number of the improvements that Google is currently testing during this beta build, of course, if everything is functioning correctly.

As always, allow us to know within the comment section below if you notice any significant improvement after installing this update.