Google Is Killing Its Mobile Shopping App for Android and iOS

Google Is Killing Its Mobile Shopping App for Android and iOS

Do not stress, shopaholics. If you are restricted to Google’s personalized buying experience, then you can grab a bit of relief. Google Shopping as a whole is not shutting down, just its cellular program. You are likely to get to swap utilize the website rather (which thankfully does not feel much different anyhow ).

Google Says Goodbye to Its Shopping Mobile App

On Friday, 9to5, Google noted that consumers were getting a “Something went wrong” message about the Google Shopping cell program. Afterwards, a Google spokesperson confirmed this information website is finishing support for the Shopping program on iOS and Android.

The spokesperson also clarified the Shopping program would operate through June, so presumably, it will quit working then. Fortunately, all of the program’s functionalities can be found on the Google Shopping site, which means you should not overlook the program too much.

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Google murdering its Shopping program does not come as a surprise for some. Before the same day, XDA Development discovered some reasonably conclusive proof that Google planned to retire instead, sunset–that the program:

We have discovered code and strings in variant 59 of this Shopping program that traces the program’s days are now numbered. The titles of every one of these strings are all prefaced with “sunset”, which directed us to feel these messages will be displayed on a page telling the user that the program is no longer offered.

Google Scraps Yet Another One of Its Projects

Google Shopping now combines Reader, Hangouts, Bulletin, and more than 200 other solutions, products, apparatus, and programs which the search giant has ever been already retired.

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Curious to around them all? Killed by Google keeps a free and open-source record of what the people understand Google has stopped.