Google Assistant tests a funky colorful design alongside one-click shortcuts

Google Assistant tests a funky colorful design alongside one-click shortcuts

Google began rolling out a brand new streamlined Assistant UI to a couple of users back in August this past year. In the past several months, this fresh UI has made its approach to most consumers, and it is a lot more intuitive than the old Assistant panel, which covered the entire screen. By one of the tipsters, Google is currently working on providing the streamlined Assistant UI a vibrant refresh.

Google Assistant’s new brilliant UI was recently seen by Matthew Pirszel, which permitted the shift in their telephone before their official rollout. Unfortunately, because you can find in the attached screenshots, the change alters Google Assistant’s background color dependent on the dark or light motif. While we are not sure why Google would select these colors of blue and green dependent on the system motif, we guess that these colors are just placeholders for the Android 12’therefore, wallpaper-based “monet” theming system.

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Suppose you missed our past Android 12 policy. In that case, the “monet” theming system automatically shifts the telling background and accent color to your Quick Settings tiles, dependent on the dominant colors in the present location. The motif also recolors the Preferences page together using the dominant color, and it affects the in-development Lockscreen and Notifications UI. Considering that the theming system alters the accent color throughout so many UI components, it can influence Google Assistant’s background color.

Since you may have seen from the screenshots connected over, our tipster managed to find the rumored”My Activity” shortcuts in their apparatus. We speculated that Google Assistant’s “My Activity” shortcuts would allow you to launch frequently used questions with a single click. This is the situation since our tipster established a button to”put a quantity to 50 percent,” along with a shortcut for this action appears from the Google Assistant UI.

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Our tipster was able to find those attributes running to a Sony Xperia mobile operating Android 11. However, we still couldn’t replicate these screenshots onto a Pixel 4 operating exactly the identical Android variant. Right now, we’ve got no additional info concerning those Google Assistant changes. We are going to update this article after we know more.