Google app crashing? A new update seems to be the culprit

Google app crashing? A new update seems to be the culprit

The Google app seems to be experiencing any issues. Many Android consumers have chosen Twitter to report the Google app is crashing randomly on their phones. One of our group members who’s utilizing the LG Wing using Android 10 on-board experienced the issue. Still, another one is having difficulty opening the Google app on his own Huawei Mate 20 Professional. Meanwhile, consumer reports imply that the matter impacts most Android mobiles such as Sony, Samsung, Google Pixels, and much more.

The Google app crashing issue appears to stem from the current upgrade pushed from the business. At the conclusion, we experienced that the problem with variant Arm64, along with of this Google app. Some users also have reported app crashes on beta variant Arm64 of this app. According to the Google app’s Play Store list, its variations may vary across various devices so that you might be experiencing app crashes onto a very different edition.

Responding to complaints on Twitter (see above), the official Developed By Google account indicated a soft reboot of the phone. Though the repair has worked for some users, others report which rebooting their phones has not helped.

For all those, uninstalling the newest upgrade to the Google app fixed the issue. But not everybody has been lucky. A few customers are still having difficulty with the app even after switching back to the preceding edition.

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Seems like we are going to have to wait around for Google to trouble a much more tangible repair and an explanation about what’s gone wrong. We are going to update this post and once we get additional details.

Back in March, a problem with Android System WebView caused many Android apps to crash. While Google solved it for people on steady Android variants, the issue appears to last to get Android 12 Beta consumers. But, uninstalling and reinstalling WebView in the Google Play Store appears to solve the issue for consumers.

We do not believe the hottest Google app crashing problem is connected to WebView problems. A bug is likely using the upgraded version of this app that Google may iron out with a different upgrade. Until then, you can try restarting the Google app upgrade by heading into Settings > Apps > Google app > three-dot menu > Uninstall updates. It is also possible to attempt soft-rebooting your phone since Google suggests.

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