Galaxy S21 FE reportedly delayed again, manual shows no microSD slot

Galaxy S21 FE reportedly delayed again, manual shows no microSD slot

With the Galaxy Z foldable having just launched and the Galaxy S22 still a couple of months away, Samsung Galaxy fans are left with no other high-end option this year except the Galaxy S21 series. Some, however, may need to be looking forward to 2021’s Fan Edition, but they could need to do a touch more waiting. Consistent with sources, the Galaxy S21 FE may need to be delayed again, and when it does come, it’d be missing a feature that would leave some hopeful buyers a touch disappointed.

Although they did well in reviews, reports claim that the Galaxy S21 series’s sale was less than the Galaxy S20’s figures. Usually, Samsung tries to recuperate within the last half of the year with a Galaxy Note launch and a Galaxy Fan Edition. Without a Galaxy Note 21, however, that responsibility now falls on the shoulder of the Galaxy S21 FE, which could already be off to a rocky start.

This year’s Galaxy flagship Fan Edition was, at one point, reported to possess already been delayed thanks to the worldwide chip shortage. However, now industry sources are claiming that production of the phone will only start in September. That, in turn, suggests that actual availability might be delayed by up to four months.

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In the meantime, SamMobile got hold of the Galaxy S21 FE’s manual, revealing most of its features. These include support for Wireless DeX, a triple camera system, and Samsung Pay. Noticeably missing is any mention of a microSD card slot, which was available in last year’s Galaxy S20 FE. It also notes that the phone won’t accompany a charger within the box, bringing it closer to the new tradition of high-end phones.

The delayed launch puts the Galaxy S21 FE precariously on the brink of the Galaxy S22. At the same time, the missing features and accessories also remove things that fans may need been hoping for during a special edition made for them. So unless Samsung offers it at a compelling price point, the Galaxy S21 Fan Edition might be dead on arrival, suggesting even more chips are wasted on a poorly selling phone.

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