Galaxy Note 22 might still happen next year after all

Galaxy Note 22 might still happen next year after all

Although the Galaxy Z Fold 3 received mixed reviews, most of those who reviewed it were more positive. Many are optimistic about Samsung’s direction and look forward to next year’s Galaxy Z Fold 4. However, most reviewers agree that the foldable phone doesn’t make the Galaxy Note any better, regardless of how great it may be. Samsung may have considered these comments and could be working on a next-generation Galaxy Note.

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Samsung has never said that it would be ending the Galaxy Note series. It only confirmed that there would not be an iteration this year because of supply issues. However, it stated that it would continue to offer beloved Galaxy Note features to other phones. This refers to the S Pen, which has been added to the Galaxy S21 Ultra (and the Galaxy Z Fold 3) this year.

Some saw this as the end of the Galaxy Note series. Regular users and reviewers also noted that there is no way to replace the S Pen in a Galaxy Note phablet. These dire predictions were further bolstered by the absence of the Galaxy Note name at a Samsung trademark renewal in South Korea. However, this doesn’t mean that a Galaxy Note won’t be launched next year.

@Ice Universe is now hopeful that this is true. Sources within Samsung’s supply chain claim that they have witnessed the next-generation Galaxy Note. Although this could be a prototype, it suggests that Samsung hasn’t abandoned the line.

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It is not clear if it will be called Galaxy Note 22 (or Galaxy Note 21). Galaxy Note’s portable convenience was only enhanced by adding the optional S Pen to both the Galaxy S21 Ultra (and Galaxy Z Fold 3), which must be purchased separately. Samsung will continue to have a Galaxy Note until it can figure out how to store the S Pen in its flagship series.