Fortnite PlayStation Cup earmarks $113,400 for PS4 and PS5 players

Fortnite PlayStation Cup earmarks $113,400 for PS4 and PS5 players

Epic Games has announced the subsequent Fortnite PlayStation Cup, a cash prize for those who compete. As you’d expect, given the competition’s name, the tournament is exclusive to PlayStation console owners, meaning you’ll need a PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5 model for an attempt at a part of the cash prize pool.

As far as Fortnite tournaments go, the PlayStation Cup isn’t as big of a deal as some we’ve seen within the past. This is often a fun opportunity for those faithful to Sony’s consoles to compete for a cut of a cash prize — during this case, $113,400 that’ll be up for grabs in October and, therefore, the same amount which will once more be available in November.

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The first Fortnite PlayStation Cup will begin on October 2; that provides you only a couple of days to start playing Arena matches to sharpen your skills. Meanwhile, the tournament will be listed in Fortnite‘s Compete tab, with the beginning time listed for every player’s region.

The tournament will happen with Solo matches for eligible players. A complete of 10 games are often played over three hours during the PlayStation Cup. Though you don’t need to play all 10 matches, playing as many as possible will increase your odds of ranking higher and making it to the tournament’s second round.

The top 100 players from the October tournament will advance to the second round, involving only six matches total. The Fortnite PlayStation Cup’s winners will be the highest players from the second round, with the primary place winner getting $1,200, the second getting $1,100, and the third getting $1,000.

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The exact amount of money prizes — which can be offered for everybody right down to the player who ranks in slot 64 — will vary supported the region during which the player is found. Inspect Epic’s blog post for the complete details.