Fortnite Adds Shang-Chi As Latest Marvel Skin

Fortnite Adds Shang-Chi As Latest Marvel Skin

As the latest crossover with the Marvel Comics universe, Fortnite has added the paranormal warrior Shang-Chi as an outfit and cosmetic bundle.

As the latest crossover with Marvel, the battle royale shooter Fortnite has added a replacement skin of the paranormal martial artist Shang-Chi. Within the game’s previous couple of seasons, developer Epic Games has added many crossovers with other video games, comic books, films, and tv shows. Many of Fortnite’s crossovers are with Marvel Comics properties, adding Marvel’s iconic heroes and villains to the cartoonish shooter.

For as long as Fortnite has emphasized crossovers, Marvel Comics has been an outsized part of the game’s roster of cosmetic skins. Deadpool was one of the game’s earliest crossover characters, appearing back during the favored battle royale shooter’s second season. The now-iconic Marvel supervillain, the Mad Titan Thanos, was even added to Fortnite, complete with his deadly Infinity Gauntlet to wield during a unique game mode. A whole Marvel season was held, adding iconic locations to Fortnite’s map, like Black Panther’s advanced nation of Wakanda. Recent rumors have suggested that the martial artist Shang-Chi would be added to Fortnite as a tie-in to his live-action debut, which was released in theaters on September 3.

Fortnite’s Shang-Chi Bundle is now available for players to get. After rumors about the superhero’s inclusion, Epic Games has officially added Shang-Chi to Fortnite as a cosmetic skin. The world’s most skilled hand-to-hand fighter is out there as an outfit within the game’s item shop, allowing players to don their colorful combat regalia. The Shang-Chi bundle includes the Marvel hero’s outfit, a back bling shield, sword pickaxe skins, and an ornamental Dragon’s Scale sword.

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While many of Fortnite’s crossovers do involve the Marvel universe, there is a spread of other properties which have entered Epic Games’ cartoonish competitive shooter. Will Smith’s Bad Boys character Mike Lowrey was recently added as a skin, allowing gamers to seem a bit like the Fresh Prince himself. The outfit is predicated on Lowrey’s appearance within the original 1995 Bad Boys film, instead of the recent 2020 sequel Bad Boys for all times. The skin’s release demonstrates that Epic Games is willing to collaborate with older films or properties instead of simply tying into recent releases like Shang-Chi.

Fortnite’s addition of Shang-Chi brings Marvel’s newest solo star further into the limelight after a successful opening weekend. The esteemed martial artist adds a singular design that helps him to face aside from the remainder of Fortnite’s superheroes and supervillains. With a definite green belt and dual swords, Shang-Chi may be a worthy addition to Fortnite’s long film and comic crossovers history.

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