How to: Fix User Authentication Failed in Tera Online

How to: Fix User Authentication Failed in Tera Online

Here we can see, “How to: Fix User Authentication Failed in Tera Online”

  • We’ll show you how to fix the infamous User Authentication Failed error notice that appears in TERA Online.
  • Although connectivity problems are frequently to blame for this problem, gamers who have been banned from their accounts occasionally experience it.

There’s a good possibility that if you’ve been playing TERA Online for a while, you’ve seen the iconic user authentication failed error message. To be completely honest, this inaccuracy can really throw you off, regardless of where it came from.

Much more so if you simply want to use TERA Online for your daily relaxation dosage and find that you’re suddenly unable to do so.

Fortunately, this mistake is not particularly uncommon; many TERA Online players have encountered it at least once. This implies that you are not alone in this and that there are a few solutions worth trying.

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What is TERA Online?

An MMORPG called TERA Online was released quite some time ago (2011 was its initial release in South Korea). Before the official release, it underwent several closed and open beta testing sessions.

The game uses a non-target warfare system and includes standard MMORPG elements like PVP, crafting, and questing. This means that you simply shoot away as you would in an action game rather than clicking the target and choosing items to strike them with.

You’ll need to be skilled because you’ll have to deflect their strikes actively. That sums up TERA Online, even though we left out much excellent stuff.

We’re not here to discuss TERA, but the information in the following parts should assist you in resolving the user authentication issue.

How to fix TERA restricted account sign in error?

1. Try using a VPN

    1. Purchase a premium VPN subscription
    2. On your computer, download the VPN installer.
    3. Get the VPN client installed on your PC.
    4. Open it up and link your account.
    5. Pick a quick server (nearby servers are faster)
    6. Open TERA Online and see if the issue still exists.

Whether a VPN is useful in situations like these has been hotly contested. A VPN, as it does with many other connectivity concerns, will typically work, according to a general consensus.

Be aware that you shouldn’t give up just yet if the VPN patch doesn’t work. Retry after disconnecting from the selected server and connecting to another one (ideally a fast one).

In most cases, network congestion is a deciding factor in the incidence of connectivity problems. So, if the VPN server is busy, you might want to try a different one.

2. Try logging in with Facebook

According to users, connecting to their TERA Online accounts using Facebook appeared to operate. Simply use the game launcher and log into Facebook to complete the action rather than your TERA Online account.

You must connect your TERA and Facebook accounts for this workaround to function, though. On the Account Settings page of the TERA Online website, this is simply accomplished.

To summarize, make sure your Facebook and TERA accounts are connected before attempting to sign into TERA using your Facebook account.

3. Avoid logging from multiple accounts

It appears that TERA Online has a 24-hour block in place for customers who attempt to log in from multiple accounts on the same computer within a short period of time.

Try to limit yourself to no more than one or two accounts to avoid that. As far as we know, as long as you don’t hastily switch IP addresses between attempts, there is no restriction on the number of log-in attempts per account.

A nice idea would be to see if you were blacklisted as well. Many customers assumed this message had anything to do with their poor connection, while in reality, their accounts were blocked, and they couldn’t access them.

In conclusion, don’t get alarmed if you try connecting to TERA Online and receive a user authentication problem. There are several potential causes for this to be happening, as well as numerous solutions.

Make sure that your account is not blocked first and foremost. Trying any of the fixes otherwise can prove to be absolutely pointless.

Using a VPN is one of the most well-liked solutions to this problem. Try switching servers if utilizing a VPN seems to be ineffective before disregarding this advice. You might end up saving a ton of time and trouble.


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

User Questions

1. Why does it continually state that authentication failed?

If you see this error message, it signifies that you have entered an incorrect username and/or password. “Authentication failed!” reads the error notice. Reply again. Your account might have been locked after too many failed attempts, so you will need to reset it.

2. What is a failed user authentication?

This typically indicates that your User ID or password for logging in is invalid. You should double-check the accuracy of your user ID and password entries. Please be aware that the case affects both User ID and Password.

3. What does the term “authenticated user” mean?

User authentication authorizes a human-to-machine transfer of credentials during network interactions to verify a user’s authenticity. This process checks the identification of a user trying to access a network or computational resource.

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