Fall Creators Update Breaks Flexx 11: Here’s How to Fix It

Fall Creators Update Breaks Flexx 11: Here’s How to Fix It

Here we can see, “Fall Creators Update Breaks Flexx 11: Here’s How to Fix It”

For customers who don’t need their devices to perform sophisticated tasks, the Netxbook Flexx 11 is a diminutive detachable Windows 10 tablet that is ideal.

However, you should be aware that after installing the update, you can experience several driver problems if you decide to upgrade your Flexx 11 tablet to Windows 10 version 1709. In addition, after installation, there are frequently issues with the touchscreen, audio, webcam, and more. You’ll fast regret pressing the upgrade button because of all these issues.

The good news is that you can solve this issue easily! But first, here’s how one forum user on Microsoft described this problem:

Had problems after Installation of windows 10 fall creators update. Touchscreen inop, sd card reader inop, Web cam inop, audio inop. Came here to see if I was alone in this situation or not. Obviously I’m not alone. went through the recommended process updating through device manager. To no avail. […] for some reason windows generic drivers for these intel chips don’t work very well. this is the second time I have had this happen. For some reason windows drivers on these chips don’t recognize the sd, the audio speakers, touchscreen, or the web cam. The wifi on my PC worked on both occasions. Don’t forget Intel makes the chips. Microsoft makes the os. and the manufacturer just put’s the hardware together. […]

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How to fix Flexx 11 issues on the FCU v1709

Flexx 11 frequently experiences different driver problems once users install the most recent upgrades; however there is a fix that always works.

Download Intel’s driver updater from the company’s website. All of your driver problems should be resolved when you run the tool.

Just a brief reminder that Windows 10’s specialized troubleshooter can be used to resolve driver problems. The steps are as follows:

    • to update and security, go to Settings.
    • Select Troubleshoot from the left-hand panel.
    • Choose the troubleshooter that best meets your needs from the list in the new window.

Using Device Manager, you can also update your drivers. For example, a yellow exclamation mark is typically seen on problematic drivers.

Simply select the “Update driver” option from the context menu when you right-click the driver you wish to update.

We advise utilizing automatic software to obtain and install the most recent drivers for your PC instead of doing it manually to protect your device and user data.


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

User Questions

1. The fall creators update is what?

The Fall Creators Update for Windows 10 is a sizable collection of updated and new features, and it’s totally free. It includes an updated interface, enhanced privacy measures, increased accessibility options, and Windows Mixed Reality headsets support.

2. A Windows 10 update to Windows 11 is possible?

How much does the Windows 10 to Windows 11 upgrade cost? It’s unpaid. However, only Windows 10 computers that fulfil the required hardware requirements and are running the most recent version of Windows 10 will be allowed to update. In Settings/Windows Update, you may check to see if you have the most recent updates for Windows 10.

3. How can I currently obtain Windows 11?

Downloading Windows 11 via the Microsoft website is the simplest way to obtain it. There are two choices, both of which will maintain the integrity of your files and settings. The “Windows 11 Installation Assistant,” which will lead you through the procedure, is what we advise most users to select.

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