Fitbit Charge 5 leak reveals the big changes coming

Fitbit Charge 5 leak reveals the big changes coming

After a rather awkward start, it seems that smartwatches have more or less become staple accessories lately. However, some still prefer a less conspicuous but equally advanced wearable that will continue with the foremost important things in their lives. Fitness trackers are still a thing, and Fitbit remains at the highest of that market. Nobody has been proud of the newest Fitbit Charge 4, however, but it seems that the corporate will be making up for it with the upcoming Fitbit Charge 5.

If not for the name, you almost certainly wouldn’t even recognize the Fitbit Charge 5 as a member of an equivalent family. Ever since the Fitbit Charge 2, that line of smart fitness trackers has been characterized by rugged and hard looks, with flat edges and sharp angles. However, the fifth-gen wearable will overhaul the planning, a minimum of supported this leaked promo video for the Charge 5 and Fitbit’s Premium subscription.

Everything about the Charge 5 here is different. The tracker’s body features curved edges and soft angles. At the same time, straps look smoother and less aggressive. the most important change, however, could be the screen that now comes fully color instead of the monochrome display of the past generations.

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The leak doesn’t enter detail about hardware features, but it touches several of the sensors it’ll be equipped with. There’s the standard GPS for location tracking and Fitbit‘s favorite EDA for stress measurement. The Charge family is an ECG sensor for monitoring cardiac rhythm and warning users of potential arrhythmia problems.

Of course, a part of the complete Fitbit experience now includes a premium subscription that gives personalized exercise recommendations you would possibly want to try to to. It also suggests times for resting and recovering with guided meditations and sleep tracking. Supported the video, the Fitbit Charge 5 could launch on October 23.

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