The 5-Year-Old Fairphone 2 Is Getting Updated to Android 9

The 5-Year-Old Fairphone 2 Is Getting Updated to Android 9

The OS is nearly three years old; however, it is still pleasant to find that this old cellphone has been encouraged.

Among the very most significant things to consider when deciding upon a smartphone is how much time it will keep generating new upgrades for the gadget.

The Fairphone two was first introduced five decades ago, and the provider is still pushing a new Android model into the phone. The business announced on its site that it intends to attract Android 9 into the gadget. Sure it is not the latest edition of the cell OS by any stretch, but it is still pleasant to see this kind of old cellphone getting a significant software upgrade.

Android 9 on theFairphone 2

While upgrading a cellphone having an OS that is nearly three years old does not seem that impressive, when you think the Fairphone 2 started through the Android 5 Lolipop age, that upgrade sounds a little nobler.

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Most smartphone makers provide two big Android updates to their devices (typically performed more than two decades ). Therefore this really can be far from normal. Google has decided to expand support for its apparatus to three decades, which is a movement in the ideal direction.

In the long run, the only other business that provides upgrades for this is Apple, but that is a different operating system.

Maintaining the phone marginally current using Android 9 ensures it will conduct an OS that is still officially endorsed by Google instead of running a phased-out variant that produces the phone obsolete. Google’s most up-to-date Android safety bulletin still contains security fixes for Android 9. Therefore Fairphone two owners will have the ability to make the most of these security patches and maintain their apparatus locked.

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Among those issuesFairphone confronted when attracting Android 9 to the old apparatus was too little service for the chip. Qualcomm had since moved on by the Snapdragon 801, which came together with the Fairphone two, so it offered support for its chipset.

Fairphone has created this drive to maintain a five-year-old cellphone running powerful because the business considers sustainability. In its blog article, a representative of this company stated, “the longer you maintain your phone; the reduced its ecological footprint” If users are not shedding their phones as often, that is better for your environment; that is just what Fairphone is expecting to realize.

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This works well for its Fairphone 3 and 3 Plus mobiles. Should they get the identical therapy, they ought to see lots of Android upgrades too.

When Will Fairphone 2 Owners Get Android 9?

The business stated that the upgrade would begin rolling out today and conclude making its way into apparatus by April 19. If you do not view it on your device, you will have to be patient since it’s a slow rollout.