It Is Rumored A Name Has Been Given To Google’s Foldable

It Is Rumored A Name Has Been Given To Google's Foldable

The Mountain View firm is said to have picked on a name for its foldable, but is it too similar to a competitor’s product line?

Google is rumored to be working on a foldable smartphone, and the company has already decided on a name. The announcement comes after claims that the business is working on an Android-powered device dubbed Pipit that folds out into a tablet. The product’s design is said to be more similar to that of the Oppo Find N than Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 3, implying that it will be double-wide when unfurled.

Although Google has yet to confirm that it is working on a foldable, the company is fully committed to the format in terms of software. Google has released a beta version of Android 12L, designed to function better with dual-screen and folding-display smartphones. With businesses like Samsung succeeding in the field, it seemed almost a foregone conclusion that Google would follow suit.

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According to 9to5Google, Google’s forthcoming foldable device will be called Pixel Notepad. It was also rumored that the business considered dubbing the Pixel Logbook but decided on Notepad instead. It’s worth noting that the Notepad name is eerily similar to Samsung’s Galaxy Note range, but it shouldn’t be a problem given that Samsung has reportedly dropped the brand.

The Pixel Notepad will be less expensive than the Galaxy Z Fold 3 (9to5).

According to Google, the Pixel Notebook will be less expensive than Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 3. The tablet starts at $1,799, but it’s unknown what Google’s price point will be. Nonetheless, Google’s high-end Pixel 6 Pro launched at $899, several hundred dollars less than the premium Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra’s introductory pricing.

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There’s no word on when Google will release the Pixel Notepad, though it’s unlikely the company would wait too long. Many smartphone manufacturers are entering the foldable market. Honor and other OEMs are releasing gadgets that are reasonably priced. Indeed, there are rumors that Apple is working on its own folding smartphone, which would undoubtedly inspire others not to wait too long. Of course, with Android 12L now in active testing, the Pixel Notepad is very likely to be announced this year. The corporation could reveal the first details at its Google I/O conference, which takes place every May. Still, it might wait until the fall to reveal new flagship items, which is when it generally does. In any case, Google’s take on the folding smartphone will be fascinating to watch.

Source: 9to5Google