Facebook Is Ending Its Temporary Ban on Political Ads


Political and societal advertising campaigns will go back into Facebook on March 4, 2021.

Political advertisements are making their way back to Facebook. The stage declared that all advertising campaigns associated with political or societal problems could restart on March 4, 2021.

Political Ads Make a Comeback on Facebook

Facebook published an upgrade on the Facebook for Business blog and said that governmental, electoral, and societal dilemma ads could begin running once more. Before the 2020 US presidential elections, the stage limits political advertisements, then banned political advertisements thoroughly after the election.

“We place this temporary ban set up following the November 2020 election to prevent abuse or confusion after Election Day. Contrary to other platforms, we still need transparency and permission not only for future and political advertisements but also for societal issue advertisements,” Facebook mentioned in the article.

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The stage also said it would continue to track political advertisements in the forthcoming months. Also, it will “determine where additional changes could be merited.”

Should Political Ads Be Permanently Banned?

Political ads are a contentious topic on Facebook. Even though the system enables consumers to turn off political advertisements, it may be best to prohibit political ads indefinitely.

Political and societal advertising campaigns might help spread the word on an ongoing issue. However, they occasionally do more damage than good.