Facebook Criticizes Apple Again in Second Newspaper Ad, Apple Responds

facebook criticizes apple again in second newspaper ad, apple responds, facebook criticizes apple again in second newspaper ad,

We are going to need to begin paying to get more subscriptions due to Apple.
Yesterday, Facebook took a full-page newspaper advertisement from The New York Times, The Washington Post, and The Wall Street Journal whining about Apple. These days, social media has posted a moment, full-page advertisement to whine a bit more.

As The Verge reports, the next advertisement appeared in the same 3 papers as yesterday. Just this one carries the headline”Apple vs. the free internet.” While yesterday’s focus has been on how iOS solitude changes the following year will”devastate” little companies, now Facebook emphasizes the way the free web is under threat due to these changes.

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The advertisement begins by stating, “Apple plans to roll out a forced software upgrade that can change the net as we understand it for the worse. Take your favorite cooking websites or sports sites. Many are free because they show ads. Apple’s shift will restrict its capacity to conduct customized advertisements.”

Facebook indicates that more people will wind up paying subscription fees to get articles due to Apple’s activities, which “the typical small company advertiser stands to find a reduction of over 60 percent in their earnings for each dollar they pay.”

Apple released a statement after the look of those advertisements, which states, “We think this is a very simple matter of standing up for our customers. Users ought to know if their information has been collected and shared along with other programs and sites — and they ought to have the decision to let that or not. App Tracking Transparency at iOS 14 doesn’t need Facebook to alter its way of monitoring users and creating targeted advertisements, it only needs they give users an option.”

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That option takes the kind of pop-up requesting users to present their consent (or not) for monitoring to happen. You may see precisely what the message will appear to be previously. It is this decision and the consequences of it, which has Facebook so angry.