ESPN Plus Is Getting More Expensive… Again

ESPN Plus Is Getting More Expensive... Again

The cost of sports streaming has increased once before in 2021 and is now increasing again.
In April, Disney increased the cost of ESPN Plus subscriptions. The streaming giant has raised those prices once again. ESPN Plus will see a significant price increase in August 2021.

ESPN Plus Subscription Prices Are Going Up

Disney, the owner of ESPN Plus, has raised the annual and monthly subscription prices for its ESPN Plus streaming service. ESPN Plus subscriptions went up in August 2013 and will go up again starting August 13.

According to ESPN Plus FAQs, a monthly subscription will go up by one dollar from $5.99 to $6.99. In addition, a subscription to ESPN Plus will go up to ten dollars each year, from $59.99 to $69.99. Although it may not seem like much, a $10-12 per year price hike can quickly add up if you have multiple subscriptions.

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Disney launched ESPN Plus in 2018 as an additional subscription service to Disney+. The bundle costs $13.99 per month and includes all three services. Subscribers will save approximately $5 per month by purchasing the bundle instead of each service individually.

It is worth noting, however, that neither Disney+ nor Hulu are raising their prices simultaneously. The bundle price remains the same.

Do I Get Anything Extra for ESPN Plus’ Price Increase?

According to ESPN Plus FAQs, price increases do not directly offer any new features or exclusive content. However, Disney has announced additional content for the platform.

Disney announced recently that ESPN’s streaming service would soon have archived sports footage. The footage will include replays of 75 NHL games and full replays from Wimbledon tennis matches. Other classic tennis highlights and highlight reels will also be available on the platform. In addition, ESPN Plus will be the exclusive destination of the PGA Tour Live.

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The reason for the recent price hike is likely to be ESPN Plus’ extra content. As a result, sports fans might be incentivized to continue paying the higher subscription price or sign up if it isn’t already.

ESPN Plus Takes Another Swing at Price Increases

Only certain sports fans will be pleased by exclusive footage and new rights for live streaming. ESPN Plus may not want to see a second price hike in one year for a platform often criticized for lacking content.

Although it’s rare for streaming services to raise their prices so drastically, viewers may be happy with the new content.

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