TikTok Is Now Available on Fire TV Devices

TikTok Is Now Available on Fire TV Devices

The TikTok app can only be used on Fire TV in France, Germany, and the UK.
You can’t travel anywhere these days without some video in your face. So TikTok announced that users would be able to access the service via their Fire TV.

TikTok Now Available via Fire TV

TikTok’s announcement is not something to be excited about. Although you can access TikTok from your Fire TV, it’s only possible if you are in the UK, France, or Germany.

It states:

We are excited to bring the TikTok TV App to Amazon Fire TV Devices so that you can still enjoy TikTok from your living room.

Because you can’t do it with a tablet or a phone and not disturb everyone else with thirty-second videos from thirsty wannabes.

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You can access the service through your Fire TV and on Samsung Smart TV and Google TV.

What Features Does TikTok for Fire TV Have?

TikTok is a way to watch content from your favorite creators on Fire TV, but not on a large screen.

You can view the content via TikTok’s Following and For You feeds. This means that any content you see on the mobile version will also be available on Fire TV.

TikTok will also take you to the Discover Page; this personalized page uses an algorithm to show you more content that you like based on your viewing habits.

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For example, if animal videos on TikTok appeal to you, the Discover page will provide more content for your Fire TV.

How Do You Get TikTok Fire TV App?

You will download the TikTok App if you are familiar with adding apps to your Fire TV.

Head to Amazon App Store on Fire TV and search for the TikTok App.

It’s easy to download and install, and you can enjoy the content of your favorite creators on your Fire TV.

To receive personalized content suggestions that will worm their way into your field of vision, remember to sign in to the Fire TV app.

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Go Get TikTok for Your Fire TV (Or Don’t)

It is not clear why TikTok believes users must view TikTok videos from other devices. But, it is evident that there is demand for the app, or it wouldn’t have launched on smart TVs.

You can do so much more with the app if you have it on your phone. So think of it as an opportunity to view and create your favorite content.