Elegoo Jupiter 12.8-inch 6K Mono LCD 3D printer eyes massive potential

Elegoo Jupiter 12.8-inch 6K Mono LCD 3D printer eyes massive potential

A Kickstarter campaign was announced for a replacement large-size LCD 3D printer from the parents at Elegoo. Over the past few years, this company has had some serious success with low-cost, high-quality small-format LCD 3D printers; now, they’re getting to ramp things up a couple of notches with Jupiter. The Elegoo Mars Pro LCD 3D printer released by Elegoo is suitable for little action figures and miniatures; the new Jupiter makes a case for significantly more oversized items.

In the first video below, you’ll see an Elegoo Jupiter video showing the entire printer. Unfortunately, this video doesn’t show tons about the printer besides fundamental check out size ratios.

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This device works with automatic resin feeding (to “help provide resin while printing”. This device works with FEP 2.0 at the rock bottom of its tank to form sure all prints release – especially the foremost, massive models. Finally, this machine works with the foremost, massive LCD exposure screen yet released on an Elegoo 3D printer, a 6K Mono panel for giant prints.

The build size enabled by the Jupiter from Elegoo is 27.78cm x 15.60cm x 30cm – that’s around 10 inches by 6 inches by 11.8 inches. We’re talking twice the space compared to the Elegoo Mars Pro at 4.5 x 2.56 x 5.9 inches! We’re watching Phenom by Peopoly sizes here, except for a significantly lower cost.

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This printer will eventually be launched for a price of around USD 1300. Within the Kickstarter campaign, Elegoo proposes that users crowdfund with the promise of a price range between $600-USD 740. There’ll be 500 units for the $600 price, then 2000 units available for USD 740.

Above you’ll see a video from Elegoo all about the Z-axis on this massive printer. The initial release will have a group Z-axis, but Elegoo suggested that with Jupiter, they’ll be exploring the potential for a Z-axis expansion kit (potentially 500mm!)

You’ll find the Elegoo Jupiter abreast of the Elegoo homepage now and abreast of Kickstarter in early September. If this machine is formed with the standard we’ve seen in earlier models over the past few years, it’s sure to be a winner.

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