Pokémon Fan Art Replaces Bulbasaur’s Back Bulb With A Jack-O’-Lantern

Pokémon Fan Art Replaces Bulbasaur's Back Bulb With A Jack-O'-Lantern

A Twitter user has shared fan art depicting Bulbasaur getting into the Halloween mood by wearing a large Jack-O’-Lantern on his back.

Bulbasaur, the Pokémon character, has a Jack-O’-Lantern on his back, according to a Twitter user. Bulbasaur is generally seen with a plant bulb, but he is seen with a pumpkin to celebrate the Halloween season in this fan art.

Bulbasaur, a Generation I species and the first fighter discovered in the Pokedex, is a founding father of the Pokémon universe. Bulbasaur is a famous anime and video game character who appears in almost anything Pokémon-related, including the hugely popular mobile game. He is a grass Pokémon specializing in poison attacks, eventually developing into the Ivysaur and Venusaur, all equally recognizable. Bulbasaur is also a popular subject for fan art, with artists from all over the world stressing his adorable ferocity.

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cremechii, a Twitter user and artist, shared two adorable images of Bulbasaur riding on a Jack-O’-Lantern. A night theme depicts the Bulbasaur preparing to pounce into battle on the left, and a relaxing, fall photo depicts the younger Saur and his pumpkin-comrade having fun on the right. After receiving hundreds of likes on the post, cremechii decided to make the drawings accessible as wallpapers on their Patreon page. A third variation of the wallpaper format features a combat-ready Bulbasaur shining through the darkness thanks to his Jack-glow. O’-Lantern’s. While painting is a common way for fans to express their love for Pokémon, there are many more ways for fans to pay tribute to the franchise.

Much of Bulbasaur’s fan art has the same thing in common: his essential traits are preserved. cremechii defies expectations by adding a Jack-O’-Lantern on Bulbasaur’s figurine and removing the plant bulb entirely. Some would call cremechii’s art style chibi, which has its roots in manga and is defined by exaggerated dimensions. Because of cremechii’s style’s abundance of cuteness, it can also be welcomed by kawaii fan art communities. The heavy use of large blushes on the figures’ cheeks is a cremechii signature. They also specialize in Genshin Kitties, which was inspired by another popular game, Genshin Impact.

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Pokémon was first released in 1996 and has since grown to over 900 different species. Many of the video games are best-sellers, and anime is a childhood favorite for many people. In addition, trading cards, tournaments, and the smartphone phenomenon Pokémon Go have brought global fans together over the years. With the recent 25th anniversary of Pokémon, fans will be able to enjoy a musical homage from Pokémon 25: The Album.

Source: cremechii/Twitter