dlna media server windows 10

dlna media server windows 10

Here we can see, “dlna media server windows 10”

What is a DLNA server?

A DLNA server stores media content and avails it across a network wirelessly. generally, the server may be a DLNA-enabled PC or a NAS (network-attached storage).

Once active, the server enables you to browse the whole media collection from multiple devices conveniently.

What is a DLNA server software?

A DLNA server software is an application that permits you to share the burgeoning library of flicks, audios, and pictures on your computer to your other DLNA compatible devices.

These include your Android phone, TV, game consoles, media players, iPhone, and more, while the inter-device connectivity is established through the handy DLNA protocol.

To Enable DLNA Media Server on Windows 10

  1. Click ‘Start.’
  2. Click the ‘Settings’ icon.
  3. On the ‘Windows Settings’ screen, select ‘Network & Internet.
  4. On the ‘Network’ screen, select ‘Network and Sharing Center.
  5. On the ‘Network and Sharing Center screen, select ‘Change advanced sharing settings on the left menu.
  6. On the ‘Advanced sharing settings’ screen, scroll right down to the ‘All Networks’ section and expand it by clicking on the arrow.
  7. Click ‘Turn on media streaming’ to enable the DLNA server.
  8. Type media library name and choose allowed devices ready to”> which can be able to read it.
  9. Click ‘OK’ to verify operation. Your personal folders like Music, Pictures, and Videos are visible to any streaming device with UPnP support.
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To Disable DLNA Media Server on Windows 10

  1. Click ‘Start’ and sort ‘services’ within the search field.
  2. On the ‘Services’ screen, scroll right down to the ‘Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service.’
  3. Double click thereon and set the ‘Startup type’ as ‘Manual.’ Stop the service by clicking on the ‘Stop’ menu item.

Best DLNA Media Server For Windows 10


Plex may be a very fashionable option among DLNA users. It’s documented for its compatibility, wide selection of supported devices, and painless setup. In addition, it’s both free and paid versions. Its free version allows you to share files locally, while with the paid version, you’ll stream media from the cloud and sync media.


Kodi is an open-source media software. It offers unlimited features on a user-friendly and attractive interface that brings your stored media to life. Besides its similar functionality with Plex, Kodi tops it up with a couple of additional features. A number of these include PVR: to permit you to observe and record live TV across popular back-ends, Remote interface: brings remote controls, browser, ability to customize the interface using various themes, and lastly but access to third-party tools.


MediaPortal, if used correctly, offers the simplest media experience by converting your PC into virtually an entire media solution. The program is powered by equipment that connects immediately to your TV and displays all of your media in a more engaging way. You’ll get weather updates and more with MediaPortal. You’ll also use the program together with your projector for an improved experience.

4.Universal Media Server

The universal media server is an open-source platform. It had been originally supported PS3, but over time, it’s developed into a media server focusing more on stability and compatibility. So if you would like a media server with subtitle integration and an exquisite web interface, I suggest you go this route. It works in any OS, and it’s free.


Serviio is another open-source choice to choose between. It’s both a free and paid version. Some advanced features are restricted behind its premium paywall. But regardless, with its free plan, you’ll still get access to stream media across your local network.

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It is very compatible with different devices without stress about the various transcoders required to serve the large array of devices.

When required, you’ll upgrade to the professional decide to turn the Serviio into a more powerful media server. the professional plan allows for Alexa integration enabling you to use voice control, and also supports subtitles of various formats. It’s worth every dime.


Subsonic may be a DLNA media streaming server that’s well full of features. It’s popular for its unique ability to transcode an enormous sort of media format. But, regardless of what you’d wish to share, the tool is usually up to the task. You’ll create your playlist and also assign ratings and comments to tracks or albums.

Subsonic is compatible with any network-enabled media player like Winamp, iTunes, XMMS, VLC, MusicMatch, and Windows Media Player, plus it’s an embedded Flash player. So your Xbox, smartphone and practically every other device work excellently as soon as you hook them up with this DLNA server software that also boasts apps for Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, Chrome, and lots more.

7.PS3 Media Server

This is another free media server that functions altogether OS. Initially, it had been built just for PlayStation 3, but it expanded to supporting other DLNA compatible devices over time. However, I don’t recommend this feature because it hasn’t undergone an update in a while.

Why you need the best DLNA server software?

Once installed, the DLNA server application instantly sets up your PC as a media streaming center opening up a sea of thrilling and personalized entertainment choices. It’s the software that makes the entire process super simple and direct.

User Questions:

1.What is Media Server DLNA?

Digital Living Network Alliance or DLNA-certified devices allow you to share content between devices around your house over your home Wi-Fi network. For instance, you’ll find your VAIO computer as a DLNA server and access music, video and photos on your TV.

2.Does having 2 routers increase Internet speed?

Adding a second router won’t be ready to boost your internet speed. However, this setup can optimize your ISP’s overall performance, which suggests you would possibly be ready to reach the theorized speeds advertised by your ISP.

3.Why is FB live blurrily?

A blurry Facebook Live stream may be a sign of latency (lag). Meaning that your mobile device isn’t receiving the packets of data fast enough to process them and display a smooth live video experience for you.

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