This is How You Can Disable Drill Down in Power Bi

This is How You Can Disable Drill Down in Power Bi

Here we can see, “This is How You Can Disable Drill Down in Power Bi”

Users of Power BI can add numerous hierarchies using the drill-down capability. You’ll gain a solid understanding of your data in this manner.

Users can occasionally choose to disable the dig down option however, doing so causes problems for many.

One user stated the following:

Can anyone tell me how to disable the drill on options in the matrix as shown in the image below;

The OP wants to remove the drill-down option, then (and the hierarchy with it). Many consumers are unaware of this process, but fortunately there is a fairly straightforward fix. We will discuss how to disable the Power BI drill-down feature today.

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Steps to disable drill down in Power BI

    1. Press the Format panel button.
    2. Deactivate the Visual header.

It is important to note that even when you are in editor mode in Power BI Desktop, the choice will still be accessible. Reading mode, however, will reveal the changes.

In many cases, the drill down option is extremely useful

In general, well-organized information is considerably simpler to comprehend, and the most effective way to order information is to establish a hierarchy.

We use a hierarchical writing style, with a headline, a subheading, more specific subheadings, and the content itself. You can also use terms like the nation, county, city, street, and so on to pinpoint a location.

Therefore, it makes sense that hierarchy is important in Power BI. Additionally, the drill-down function advances you to the following level of the data hierarchy.

Using this option, you can add new data tiers, enabling you to build intricate collections of data like treemaps.


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

User Questions

1. How is a drill down removed?

The following are the steps to remove the drill-down report: Locate the toggled item in the row set. Click Edit Group after selecting the row. However, occasionally you build the drill down not at the group level and instead click the properties instead of “Edit Group.”

2. How does Power BI’s drill function?

Select the source report in the Power BI service, then pick a visual that uses the drill through the field in the manner you defined when you set up the target page to use cross-report drill-through. Drillthrough can be chosen from the visual context menu by right-clicking a data point, selecting it, and then choosing the drill-through target.

3. What does power query’s drill down mean?

We can choose a value from a table cell using Drill Down. The value may be utilized for additional data manipulation by being saved as a new object or query. We can choose a full column or row in place of only one cell.

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