Deathloop launch trailer serves up another look at time-bending gunplay

Deathloop launch trailer serves up another look at time-bending gunplay

It’s been an extended wait, but after multiple delays, that wait is finally over. Arkane’s Deathloop is launching in the week on PlayStation 5 and PC, but before it does, Bethesda and Arkane have published what’s likely the ultimate pre-launch trailer for the sport . The trailer depicts the rivalry between Deathloop’s two main characters and even shows off a healthy amount of gameplay.

Of course, we’d expect to ascertain mostly gameplay during a launch trailer, so it’s good that Deathloop’s latest trailer doesn’t disappoint therein regard. In Deathloop, players will take up the role of Colt, an assassin tasked with removing eight targets who have created and maintain a time loop on an island and its residents. Of course, the colt has got to kill all eight targets before midnight to interrupt the time loop, so it seems like Deathloop finishes up being sort of a puzzle game with guns.

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Julianna, on the opposite hand, is an agent tasked with stopping Colt and keeping the time loop intact. Deathloop’s multiplayer mode will even have other players jumping into the role of Julianna to prevent Colt players from completing their objectives. However, albeit you don’t play multiplayer, Julianna will still be a central a part of the story and controlled by AI.

It’s been an extended road, but we’ve finally reached the top of it for Deathloop. Deathloop was originally alleged to launch last year, but because it did for therefore many other projects, the COVID-19 pandemic changed those plans. Deathloop was then pushed back to May 2021 before being delayed again to September 14th, which with great care happens to be tomorrow. It seems that Deathloop will indeed make this release date, though the past year has made us a touch uneasy tempting fate like that.

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Deathloop also has the strange designation of being a PS5 console exclusive during a world where Microsoft now owns Bethesda and Arkane parent company ZeniMax Media. However, when the acquisition was announced earlier this year, Bethesda and Microsoft confirmed that Deathloop’s exclusivity agreement would be honored, so while it’s out on PS5 and PC tomorrow, Xbox owners will need to wait until sometime next year to play.