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how to set calender in samsung mobile

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About calender settings in samsung mobile ?

Garcia Martin 27/02/2021 2:30 am

On the Settings page, scroll all the way down to the “Calendars” segment. You'll find a listing of the entire calendars displayed for your Samsung. Select the calendar beneath the only one you will have imported.

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Set up your calendar

  1. Open the Google Calendar app.
  2. Tap Menu Settings.
  3. Tap General to change the start of the week, device time zone, default match period, and different settings.
  1. Tap Active Calendars, and make a choice of what calendars you want to see at the app. You can make a selection of as many as you want.
  2. Then, click Default Calendar, and choose which calendar to use when pushing your Badger routes and appointments. You can simplest choose one.
  3. And you're all set.
  1. Open the Android gadget settings and click on → Data utilization.
  2. Hit the menu button of your device.
  3. Set a checkmark behind → Auto-sync data.
  • Opening the app drawer.
  • Selecting the calendar app and keeping it.
  • Dragging the app upwards onto your own home display screen.
  • Dropping the app wherever you prefer. If you wish to have to relocate it, drag it to the specified location.

i Have been looking to get my s7's Google Calendar app synced effectively with my PC's on-line Google Calendar. I've been on the Google Calendar Help Forum and made slightly development however I'm nonetheless having problems. What's going down is:

I Can put an tournament on my phone's calendar and faucet refresh and it pops up on my PC's online model. If I don't faucet refresh it kind of feels to take ages (hours and even days!) to turn on my PC model, if in any respect.

Going the opposite direction, that is putting an event in my PC's on-line version of the calendar, i Will Be Able To faucet refresh on my telephone and it pops up on my phone however it'll by no means pop up on my telephone just by inputting it on my PC. The particular person responding to me at the Google Calendar Help Forum has requested:

"Do you may have any choices arrange in your phone that may set the sync to happen handiest at a certain time or most effective when the usage of wireless?" I don't know the answer to this. Can anyone help? If there are sync settings, then i Would like to make use of them. If now not i Will all the time simply faucet refresh?

My s7 has all its updates and I'm working Windows 10 on my PC.

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levi aekerman 01/03/2021 3:20 am

Yep. I utterly empathize. This is my first Samsung and my earlier Sony Xperias would sync the calendars inside of five min, even with auto sync off. i Feel one resolution is to keep auto sync on, which I do not like on account of battery drain. I installed calengoo which has a surroundings to auto refresh instantly upon beginning the app or touching the widget. This however does not remedy the placement while you add an tournament on the laptop. i'm Hoping any individual unearths some way. I do not know why my Sony phones synced without issues.


@levi aekerman, Thanks for your reply and empathy! Can you tell me how I keep auto sync on? I might give it a go to see how it works out and how the batteries hold up.


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