Comcast smart TV launch is coming tips report

Comcast smart TV launch is coming tips report

Comcast is the country’s largest provider of Internet and cable TV services. According to a new report, Comcast is preparing to launch its smart TV line in partnership with Hisense. Hisense, a Chinese company, currently sells smart TVs at lower prices in the US at several retailers.

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According to reports, Comcast will offer two models of TV branded XClass. According to rumours, XClass smart TVs use the Comcast X1 operating platform. This is the same system that Comcast currently uses for its set-top boxes and Xfinity Flex streaming box. The

Comcast’s latest attempt to grab some of its audience moving to stream only would be smart TVs.

XClass TVs will be available for purchase by anyone, regardless of whether they are a Comcast subscriber. It is unclear whether Comcast will lure smart TV buyers away from more established companies that use popular operating systems such as Roku and Fire TV. Comcast can sometimes be seen as its worst enemy when it concerns customer support and satisfaction, which could affect the perception of smart TVs once they hit the marketplace.

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Comcast offers regular deals to subscribers that include Flex streaming boxes. It would not surprise to see bundle deals that include a smart TV and Internet service. According to leaked information, XClass TVs will come in 43 and 50 inches with 4K resolution.

Like the Flex streaming box, the TVs will support popular apps such as Netflix, Hulu, and Prime Video. The voice remote is also suggested by leaked information. This feature has been a standard with set-top boxes and smart TVs.