chromium edge build

chromium edge build

Here we can see, “chromium edge build”

Microsoft’s Chromium-based Edge is under constant development, and therefore the Dev channel gets updated weekly.

Latest Edge Dev build is the last one based on Chromium 77

This week, a replacement and final build that’s supported Chromium 77 was released. The build number is, and it brings some changes that were already known from the Canary build and some new ones.

It’s worth noting that from now on, we’ll see only builds supported Chromium 78.

Here is that the complete list of changes and fixes that are available Microsoft Edge Dev Channel build

New features and behavior:

  • Added the power to never translate pages that are during a particular language.
  • Added a keyboard shortcut for the … menu on Mac.
  • Added a button to maximize the feedback screenshot editor window.
  • Added the power to resize the feedback diagnostic data window.
  • Added group policies to permit SmartScreen to be managed by organizations.
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Fixes for improved reliability:

  • Fixed a crash during the primary run experience.
  • Fixed a crash when typing within the address bar.
  • Fixed a problem where the browser crashes on startup.
  • Fixed a crash when using the built-in translator.
  • Fixed a problem where opening the feedback submission form crashes the browser.
  • Fixed a problem where opening the Settings page sometimes crashes the browser.
  • Fixed a problem where sites that use single sign-on sometimes hang the browser.

Fixes for improved behavior:

  • Changed where app/website shortcuts are pinned, counting on how the app/website is installed.
  • Fixed some issues around the shortcut pinned to the Task Bar not showing the correct icon or launching the right profile.
  • Fixed a problem where typing within the address bar sometimes causes whatever address is autocompleted to start loading on its own.
  • Fixed a problem where videos on specific sites like Netflix sometimes become hidden.
  • Fixed a problem where print preview sometimes doesn’t render all pages.
  • Fixed a problem where search engines that are deleted reappear subsequent time the browser is opened.
  • Fixed a problem where invalid data was being shown in specific form autofill popups (for example, email fields had popups containing generic data that didn’t contain valid email addresses).
  • Fixed a problem where light or dark theme isn’t correctly applied to system pages (Favorites, Settings, etc.) on Mac.
  • Fixed a problem on Mac where the X to shut a tab sometimes isn’t visible in dark theme.
  • Fixed a problem where sign-in popups sometimes didn’t show the right window icon and title.
  • Fixed a problem where the browser sign-in dialog isn’t large enough to suit its contents.

The build is now available for Dev channel users within the About Edge page as an update, but you’ll also find it within the daily Canary channel.

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It’s worth mentioning that it’s available for multiple versions of Windows and even for macOS. If you would like to urge your hands thereon, you’ll download it from the official Microsoft page.

User Questions

1.Unable to start application because the side by side configuration is wrong

Unable to start application because the side by side configuration is incorrect from windows

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2.*Updated* Dev channel update to is live

This will be the last version with the main number 77, which suggests that this release puts us in sync with what’s in Chrome’s 77 release. As such, there have been quite a few fixes and features in the week that we believe are significant enough to mention:
Today’s update to the .5 release contains one fix for the Netflix error D1711-1331.

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