Cherry Viola Mechanical Keyboard Switch: The Biggest News in Keyboard History?


Cherry Keyboards established a mechanical computer keyboard game-changer: the Viola upgrade. It is solder-free and inexpensive. If you get it?

Keyboard switch maker and developer, Cherry, only announced their latest and most revolutionary product: the Viola mechanical change that might appear in keyboards from the fourth quarter of 2020 in computer keyboards costing $50 or more. Cherry also announced a set of upgrades for their Cherry MX lineup, the MX1A, that comes in four distinct switch colors.

In the summit in a private space, we had been shown two prototype configurations that comprised the most up-to-date from Cherry’s mechanical change technologies.

The Cherry Viola Unveiled At CES 2020

The Viola requires modularity to an entirely new level. Contrary to the MX1A collection of upgrades, Cherry’s new lineup is a quantum leap in design creation. In 1 word, it is best called modular. That means it is easily altered. To put it differently, Viola switches could be changed and updated with no soldering iron. In addition to that, the buttons are cheaper to create than the first MX line.

The Viola Can Be Solder-Free

Rather than requiring laborious quantities of soldering, then the newest Viola switch only pops into position on the computer keyboard printed circuit board (PCB). On top of being simple to set up, the Viola also will come with fewer moving components. The low variety of features makes it a lot easier to create and, in concept, automatically more reliable.

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We have seen similar improvements on keyboards like the ErgoDox EZ, which utilizes swappable switches. Aside from the ErgoDox EZ, you will find SIP sockets which enable simple LED workouts. However, until Cherry’s statement, there was not any economical and effortless solution for anybody who would like to have a computer keyboard having a solder-free, knock-out switches.

The Viola Can Be Rattle-Free Technology

The Viola also does not suffer in the critical cap shake you may have discovered on the routine Cherry MX stems. As a result of this brand new box home, the Viola supplies a more fast scrolling seasoned compared to the majority of switches available in the industry.

The Viola Is Quicker And Easier

In addition to modularity, the low variety of elements make the Viola switch considerably more affordable and, in concept, more dependable. While we have not yet seen the history of keyboards employing solder-free Viola switches, it’s common-sense to feel that because fewer parts have been used, there should be a corresponding improvement in part durability, because there are fewer moving components.

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While we do not have precise estimates on the expense of a Viola-equipped computer keyboard, the early quote was in the ballpark of $50. In comparison to the most affordable, Cherry-switch keyboards, like the Logitech G610 Orion, it seems that utilizing Viola switches can lessen the price of a computer keyboard by approximately 50%. In case Cherry’s estimated cost proves true around launching, there can be 60 percent or number pads which cost much less than $50. Time will tell just how much costs drop.

Regrettably, there are several severe flaws.

Viola Shift Issues?

The Viola switch sadly isn’t perfect. While its modularity and simplicity deliver real innovation to the computer keyboard marketplace, it comes at a cost: Viola requires an entirely new motherboard made for the change. That means elderly boards can’t be retrofitted and need replacement.

In addition to that, there’s just one switch at the moment. But, Cherry asserts they will continue to discharge refinements on the fundamental Viola design. Their street map comprises all of the Cherry necessary buttons, such as Speed, Red, Black, and Blue. But because of its reduced price of manufacturing and superior typing attributes, I guess that Viola may wind up displacing the MX line.

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The MX1A Update

The MX1A upgrade includes alterations to 12 of Cherry’s MX line of buttons. The upgrade will improve every switch’s immunity to dust, soil, and other particulate matter. Additionally, there are lots of small tweaks to the various characteristics of each change’s texture and responsiveness. It is not a significant upgrade over the old MX Cherry switches. But if you currently have a PCB made for Cherry switches, then you can drop from the MX1A switch with no situation.

When compared with this Viola change, the MX1A upgrade might not look exciting. But as it is fully compatible with all the present market-dominant keyboards that mainly use Cherry-compatible motherboards, we’ll probably find this change in keyboards long until we view Viola in goods. That is mostly because Cherry’s manufacturing partners do not have to design customized PCBs to adapt to MX1A technology.