ch 38 error

ch 38 error

Here we can see “ch 38 error”

Title – Inspection code: CH38

Problem – Error/Display display

Symptom – CH38

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Possible Cause

The CH38 error code may look if the appliance’s refrigerant (gasoline) degree is reduced to guard the appliance.

Option or Preferences

  1. Can the CH38 error code seem after installing/re-installing the machine?
  • CH38 error can occur if the refrigerant amount of this appliance is reduced.
  • The tech should check whether there’s an adequate number of refrigerants.
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  1. Can the CH38 error code seem to follow the machine for some time?
  • Electrical issues such as electric instability may cause temporary malfunction.
  • Unplug the power cable or close off the circuit breaker and turn the power on after 5 minutes.
  • If the error persists after shooting the step above, ask for a professional technician to inspect the machine.


The CH38 error code may look if the refrigerant (gasoline) amount is reduced to guard the appliance.

User Questions:

Said code CH 38

Brand-new hot/cold unit conducted after for 20 minutes without any issue. Now run for five minutes, ceased working, and today proceeds to flash CH 38. I found some advice indicating that the freon gas has been leaking from this device due to inadequate pipe links on the outside unit. Any adventures?

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LG Electronics — LG air conditioner error ch 38

We purchased an LG air conditioner on 2nd April 2018. Because the very first afternoon, the ac ceases after working for 3-5 hours, revealing error code CH 38. We’ve complained, and each time a tech comes but couldn’t take care of the issue. It was happening for the previous two weeks. We’re completely fed up with LG’s customer support services. We need a replacement of the goods. Please take necessary actions instantly.

LG AC Error Code Option |Inverter Air Conditioner

LG AC Error Code Option |Inverter Air Conditioner LG AC Error Code Option Inverter Air Conditioner The”device” digit of this error code is revealed by the energy, which has the next symbol. It’s generally reddish, but on several versions, it’s green. If There’s a malfunction within an LG universal device, a two-digit

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My LG Split reveals Ch38. Repairman altered pipes between indoors and exterior panels and stuffed gas. However, after three months, show ch38 and do not get the job done.