Avocor reveals new video conferencing solutions for Google Meet

Avocor reveals new video conferencing solutions for Google Meet

Avocor has announced a replacement partnership with Google Workspace intended to form attending meetings easy for in-person and remote employees. the corporate has announced new hardware devices, including the Google Meet Series One Desk 27 and Board 65. the primary device is an all-in-one video conferencing solution. The opposite is a digital whiteboard.

Both the devices are touch-enabled. Avocor’s Google Meet Series One Desk 27 may be a device meant to form hybrid work immerses and interactive. The device may be a 27-inch premium all-in-one touchscreen Google Meet device, acting as a desktop monitor. It also can function as a laptop docking station and extra whiteboard integrating the Google Workspace Jamboard application.

Series One Desk 27 integrates all the features users got to be ready to hear, view, and contribute to meetings as if they were within the same room. An integrated soundbar and microphone array provides clear audio. The system also features multi-channel noise cancellation technology, helping to eliminate external sounds even in noisy environments. Series One Desk 27 comes with an integrated stand but are often wall-mounted. The all-in-one device needs power and Ethernet to work and features a USB-C port for integrating laptops.

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Google Meet Series One Board 65 may be a 65-inch wall-mountable display that’s ADA compliant. They are often purchased with an optional stand allowing them to be rolled around within the office if needed. An outsized screen size allows everyone participating within the meeting to ascertain, hear, and contribute.

It has integrated USB-C ports for laptops and more. Additionally, it features TrueVoice and has an integrated digital PTZ camera with a good field of view frame participants for remote meeting attendees. It also features support for Google Assistant and integration with Jamboard. Google Meet Series One Desk 27 starts at $1999, while the Series One Board 65 will start at $6999. Desk 27 are going to be available in late Q4, with Board 65 available in Q1 2022.

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