At&t Doesn’t Recognize Paramount Channel

At&t Doesn’t Recognize Paramount Channel

Here we can see, “At&t Doesn’t Recognize Paramount Channel”

  • Customers of AT&T can choose from a variety of TV alternatives, but as you may already be aware, only US citizens are able to use and pay for these services.
  • Some customers report that Paramount is incorrectly displayed or recognized in AT&T services. Fortunately, there is a simple fix for this problem.

Customers of AT&T can choose from a variety of TV alternatives, but as you may already be aware, only US citizens are able to use and pay for these services.

For instance, AT&T offers TV and entertainment services, including AT&T U-verse and TV NOW (previously DIRECTV NOW).

Although only US citizens are intended to utilize the services, quite a few users attempt to get around geo-restrictions.

Before consumers can access the content or buy a subscription, AT&T typically detects VPN traffic and restricts it.

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However, some VPN users are occasionally fortunate enough to slip through the loopholes and gain access. The good news is that these customers can utilize AT&T services just like they would if they were in the US. Majority of the time.

The service’s operation could be impacted depending on their VPN client, which isn’t so great. It’s likely, for instance, that not all channels will be available through the service.

The Paramount Channel was one of the most often mentioned problems we found online.

Previously, AT&T included a channel called Spike TV on its grid. Then that station vanished, and Paramount Network took its place. Since then, users have complained that Paramount is incorrectly displayed or recognized.

How to fix AT&T not recognizing Paramount Channel?

1. Make sure you have the right plan

You can choose from several AT&T user plans, some of which do not include Paramount Channel in their grid. You must thus confirm that Paramount Channel is included in the plan you are purchasing.

Paramount could not be available if you’re using TV Now Plus on Kodi, for example, as it isn’t part of the package. Paramount is, however, a part of the AT&T TV Now Max package.

Therefore, it’s crucial that you carefully consider whether the absence of Paramount from your original plan is the real cause of your inability to perceive it.

2. Use a VPN

Here is our recommendation for the top VPN for AT&T U-Verse, along with a simple installation tutorial, so you can immediately resolve the problem.

Geo-restrictions are most likely the cause of your Paramount Channel (Network) not being available where you are. In this situation, utilizing a VPN might completely cure your issue.

Remember that various US servers may occasionally cause TV Now or U-verse to show different content. Therefore, simply switch to another US server if the channel you’re looking for doesn’t appear on the list (even though it should).

3. Use a Smart DNS service

As previously indicated, AT&T typically detects and completely blocks VPN traffic. In the same way, proxy. A proxy is actually more obvious than a VPN. You can think about utilizing a Smart DNS service to prevent it.

With the use of a Smart DNS, you can get a new DNS address from your ISP that is devoid of the metadata that would otherwise reveal your actual whereabouts. As a result, the service you are attempting to access recognizes you at the address provided by the DNS.

Utilizing a Smart DNS is frequently preferable to using a VPN for the strict aim of avoiding geo-restrictions. First off, there is no encryption, which gives you access to a faster speed.

On the downside, you are exposed to several dangerous elements since your IP is not concealed and traffic is not encrypted.

4. Contact AT&T

We know this is what you’ve been trying to avoid, but if all else fails, you might as well take your complaint up with those who have been enabling it.

If you’re following all the proper procedures, qualify for AT&T services (living and currently located in the US), and are confident that Paramount Channel belongs on your channel list, AT&T should be able to make the necessary corrections.

Or at least provide you with some ideas on how you might resolve the problem.

AT&T Paramount Channel issues can be fixed

All things considered, you might be able to resolve any problems you have when trying to get Paramount Channel on AT&T. There is always a solution, whether through a VPN or Smart DNS or even by getting in touch with AT&T’s support staff.

You should be aware that using a VPN to access geo-restricted content is typically not recommended. Therefore, even if you can get around this problem for the time being by utilizing a VPN, the situation might change later.


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

User Questions

1. Does AT&T provide Paramount Channel?

We are grateful that you are interested in the Paramount Network. The Paramount channel is currently broadcasting on channels 146/1146 in the West and 145/1145 in the East. See all the available stations based on your TV plan by viewing our channel lineup!

2. Paramount Network, is it available on AT&T streaming?

With AT&T TV, can I access Paramount Network? Yes, AT&T TV’s Entertainment bundle, which costs $69.99 per month, includes Paramount Network. Since AT&T TV NOW is no longer accessible to new subscribers, AT&T TV has taken its place.

3. How can I access Paramount Network using ATT Uverse?

If you have U300, you should also have Hallmark M&M (366/1365) and Paramount (145/1145). The most complete plan, U450, comes with HBO and Cinemax. To determine the bundle you have, check your bill.

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4. I tried to redeem one year of Paramount+ but it says I … – Reddit

I tried to redeem one year of Paramount+ but it says I need to enter the redemption code…it’s nowhere to be found. Help? from tmobile