android phone freezes up

android phone freezes up

Here we can see “android phone freezes up

How to Fix an Android Phone that’s Freezing

If your Android device is freezing and exhibiting persistent issues with apps and screens, perform a master reset on the device to revive the first software and settings. The Android OS is installed with a rollback feature that permits you to return the device to factory defaults. the well-liked method to reset an Android device is to run the master reset feature from the Backup & Reset or Storage settings menu, counting on available menu options. However, you’ll also perform the alternate method by pressing a mixture of keys if you can’t access the device menus.

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Preferred Method

Step 1: Press the Menu key to display the Android device menu, then tap the “Applications” icon to open the Apps screen.

Step 2: Tap the “”Settings”” icon to open the Settings menu, then tap the “”Backup & Reset”” or “”Storage”” tab. The corresponding settings menu opens.

Step 3: Scroll to the rock bottom of the screen and tap the “Factory Data Reset” or “Reset Phone” option. A warning screen displays the message that each setting and software saved on the device’s internal memory will be removed. This screen also includes the “Erase SD Card” or “Erase All Data” option. Tap this check box to reformat the SD card during the master reset, or leave the check box empty to keep the files saved on your memory card.

Tap “Reset Phone.” The master reset takes a couple of minutes to finish. Afterward, the device either reboots automatically, or a panel appears, prompting you to press a choice to reboot the machine. When the device reboots, original factory settings, and software are restored.

Alternate Method

Step 1: Power off the phone. Remove and reinsert the battery to make sure that the phone is off.

Step 2: Press and hold the quantity Down key, then press the facility button while carrying the amount Down key.

Step 3: Release both buttons when the Android Recovery menu displays.

Step 4: Press the quantity Down key to scroll to the “Factory Reset” option. Next, press the facility key to pick the choice. the info wipe is performed, and therefore the master reset completes. The Reboot System Now option appears.

Press the facility button to reboot the device. Factory settings are restored.

User Questions:

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When your phone freezes or crashes, it is often really nerve-racking. the great news is that this will probably be fixed without having to send your phone-specific service. Performing simple actions like rebooting and updating the software are just a few of the items you’ll do to stop freezes and crashes in the future.

2. [Submitted] OnePlus 7T freezes at Lock screen after android 11 update

I have recently updated my OnePlus 7T to OxygenOS, and then it occasionally freezes in lock screen. Even automatically restarts. The lock button doesn’t work then, but the background work gets done. Sometimes System UI not working pops out on the phone. The phone is lagging a lot after the update. Some third-party keyboard hangs & the split doesn’t work as smoothly as before. The freeze occurs daily 2-3 times minimum.

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