AltGr Stopped Working on Windows 10? Here’s What to do

AltGr Stopped Working on Windows 10? Here’s What to do

Here we can see, “AltGr Stopped Working on Windows 10? Here’s What to do”

  • In Windows 10, if the Alt Gr key isn’t working, you’ll have trouble accessing specific characters in various languages.
  • The most common reason for the AltGr key not working is a Windows Update.
  • Close or shut off the Remote Desktop as a possible remedy if the Alt Gr does not function.
  • You can also solve the problem by turning off Hyper-V in Windows Features.

When you wish to configure your keyboard to type in a different language, such as Spanish, AltGr is a must-have key. However, users frequently experience issues with this key, making it impossible to access some characters.

You’ve come to the right site if you’ve been looking for a solution to the Windows 10 AltGr not working problem. Let’s start with the source of the problem…

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Causes of the AltGr not working in Windows 10 problem

  • Updates for Windows: Some Windows 10 updates appear to interfere with the AltGr key, causing it to stop working occasionally. The same thing happens in Windows 8 and 8.1, leading to Windows 10. AltGr has ceased to function.
  • Distant Desktop Connection: Some users have reported that AltGr has ceased working when trying to control a remote computer over a network or the Internet.
  • Changing the locale of the keyboard: When switching the keyboard locale from the current language to enter a foreign language, some critical keys, such as AltGr, may become messed up.
  • Installing some applications can also be caused by apps such as virtual desktop software.
  • Malfunctioning hardware: If the keyboard has problems, some keys, including the AltGr, may not operate.

What can I do if the AltGr key in Windows 10 isn’t working?

1. Uninstall/close troublesome programs

We described apps that cause a slew of problems, including tampering with the behavior of keys like AltGr.

After that, simply disabling/uninstalling such programs will most likely solve the problem.

In this regard, ASUS GPU Tweak, remote desktop application, Synaptics driver, and VMWare-like utilities like HyperV have been mentioned.

1.1 Shut down your Remote Desktop Connection

To get the key to work again, you’ll need to close your RDP (remote desktop) session.

Click the Close button on the connections bar to temporarily disconnect from your session (See the horizontal bar near the top of the screen).

1.2 Turn off Hyper-V

  1. Click Apps and Features after pressing the Windows key + X.
  2. Scroll down to Programs and Features, and then click on it.
  3. Select Turn Windows features on/off from the left-hand menu.
  4. Uncheck the Hyper-V option when you find it.
  5. Reboot after clicking OK.

1.3 Remove Synaptics from your computer

  1. Select Device Manager by pressing Windows + X.
  2. Locate the Synaptic device driver and right-click it.
  3. Then choose Uninstall device from the drop-down menu.
  4. To thoroughly remove the driver, uninstall all other instances of the Synaptics device.
  5. It’s possible that you’ll have to go back to the Add/Remove Programs area to uninstall Synaptics.
  6. Check to see if the AltGr key has returned to normal operation after a reboot.

1.4 To repair the mouse, utilize the touch option

Return to Device Manager (as described before) and look for the HID-compliant mouse option under Mouse.

To update the driver, tap it and then press the green icon (with the up arrow). The settings will be updated, and everything should be back to normal.

You should be aware that manual driver updates may not always work, so you may get unexpected results even after completing this step.

2. Type in your language

  1. Select the Settings app from the Start menu.
  2. Then select Time & Language, followed by Region and Language.
  3. Under languages, select Add a language (as above).
  4. Select Next after selecting the keyboard language you want to use from the list.
  5. Examine the available language features and then click Install to add them.
  6. To set the new language as the default, right-click it and choose Set as default (primary).

If you still can’t get AltGr to work, try eliminating all other keyboard layouts except the one corresponding to your language.

By specifying a language choice that works with your keyboard layout and restoring the right configuration of the AltGr key, you may be able to choose a language preference that works with your keyboard layout.

3. Restart the CTFMON.EXE program

  1. Press the WIN+R keys at the same time. The run dialog box appears.
  2. Enter the following command after typing it:
    • C:WindowsSystem32ctfmon.exe
  3. That is all there is to it. Your AltGr key should now function properly.

The Windows process Ctfmon.exe is in charge of alternative user input and the Microsoft Office language bar. So it’s possible that restarting it will fix the problem right away.

4. Keep your system up to date

  1. To begin, press the Start button.
  2. After selecting Settings, go to Update & Security.
  3. Select Windows Update from the drop-down menu. Check for updates by clicking the Check for updates button.
  4. Check if the AltGr key works after rebooting.

5. Make use of alternate keys

Using the combination of Shift + Caps Lock + AltGr can address the problem with the AltGr key in some circumstances.

This is a regular problem with Lenovo and a few other brands of laptops. Furthermore, you may simply replace your AltGr key with CTRL + Alt.


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

User Questions:

1. In Windows 10, how can I enable Alt Gr?

If your keyboard doesn’t have an alternate graphics key, you can change the keyboard layout to US-International, which will give your right Alt key new functions. The [Ctrl] + [Alt] key combination performs the same purpose as Alt Gr.

2. How do I make the Alt key work?

To utilise an Alt code, press and hold the Alt key while typing the code on the right-hand numeric keypad. If you don’t have a numeric keypad, copy and paste the symbols from this page, or attempt an other method of typing.

3. How can you tell the difference between ALT and Alt Gr?

In Firefox, for example, alt – left and right are used to move forward and backward. Alternatively, it will run OS-wide commands such as alt-F4 to close apps. The ALT-GR modifier key is used to generate typed characters that aren’t normally found on a keyboard. This is generally associated with foreign currency or punctuation, such as £ è.

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