You Will Soon Be Able to Lock Meetings in Microsoft Teams

You Will Soon Be Able to Lock Meetings in Microsoft Teams

Should you use Microsoft Teams to your meetings, you will soon have the capacity to lock your meetings. This way, you’re going to have the ability to prevent people from sending you asks to join your assembly. This attribute is most probably heading to roll out sometime in May 2021.

Lock Meetings in Microsoft Teams

By thisĀ Microsoft 365 roadmap, Microsoft Teams for desktop computers will find a choice to lock meetings. If this option is allowed, no more customers will be permitted to connect to that locked meeting.

Microsoft clarifies this brand new attribute in its own words :

From the Team meeting’s background program expertise, organizers can select to lock their encounters to stop subsequent join efforts. Anyone trying to combine a lock assembly from any apparatus will be advised that the assembly is secured.

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While everybody will have the ability to use this attribute, educational associations will reap the most out of this as they will have the ability to stop late-comers from connecting online courses.

How the “Lock the Meeting” Feature Will Work in Microsoft Teams

The secretary of some Microsoft Teams assembly will see a choice named Lock the assembly in their Teams background program. If they click on this choice, their existing assembly will get blocked. This implies no more customers are permitted to join this assembly.

But if a person tries to combine this secured meeting, Teams may allow them to know that the assembly they would like to connect is secured and can not join it. If you are a meeting planner, you will save yourself by the constant consequences of connect requests utilizing this attribute.

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Originally, this attribute is only going to be rolled out into Teams consumers. But, Microsoft may release it to different devices, also, in the forthcoming months.

When You Will Be Able to Lock Meetings in Microsoft Teams

In line with the roadmap, this attribute to lock encounters will roll out to the public by May 2021. There is no specific date as to when the attribute is publishing.

Together with the rollout because in May, you are only a few months away from having the ability to test out this new attribute on your Teams program.

Prevent People From Joining Your Meetings in Microsoft Teams

As you could always deny a petition to combine your Team’s assembly, this new feature will prevent those connect requests entirely. This may prevent unnecessary aggravation, and you will be able to focus on your existing assembly.