You Can Get Outriders Xbox Series X Controllers… But There’s a Catch

You Can Get Outriders Xbox Series X Controllers... But There's a Catch

The game developers have teamed up with legendary crossover artist POPeART to release the unique joypads.

If you are looking forward to Outriders the maximum amount as we are, then you’ll likely have an interest in these ultra-cool-themed controllers to celebrate the sport.

Ha! you will be lucky! Literally. Because you cannot buy them. You’ll still get your hands on one, though…

Outriders to Launch Themed Xbox Series X Controllers

Outriders are due for launch in April and, to celebrate, the game’s developers (People Can Fly) have teamed up with highly lauded hardware artist @POPeART_ to bring the planet some exclusive Xbox Series X controllers. So complete that you won’t be ready to buy one.

Don’t worry, though. Because the tweet says, you’ll still win one among the controllers… supplying you with about the maximum amount chance of getting one among these as you’ve got wrestling a Series X out of a scalper’s virtual mitts.

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How Do You Get an Outriders Series X Controller?

Right now, you’ll note, and you are going to possess to attend until the Outriders developers drop the small print on how you can line up of 1.

All we’ve to travel on is that there’ll be giveaways. However, what these giveaways will involve remains for us to ascertain. A minimum of you recognizes you’ll be in with the prospect of winning one.

Just stay and await the Outriders Twitter account to tweet competition details.

What Are the Outriders Xbox Series X Controllers?

They’re neat. As mentioned, the devs have teamed up with POPeART to deliver some exclusive hardware.

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If we believe the promo video, “The POPeART Collection,” will feature six control pads. These are official Xbox Series X controllers, but with a twist.

Each one is custom painted in one among POPeART’s unique designs. Some feature colored and patterned buttons and grips. Others feature excellent color blends. In all, a lovely collection, and it’s excellent to ascertain hardware art getting some representation here.


POPeART may be a well-respected artist within the gaming world. He has previously worked with 2K, NACON (which is additionally releasing a replacement Xbox Series X controller), Square Enix (with whom he’s also working here as Outsiders’ publisher), and NZXT.

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Some of the sports franchises POPeART represents together with his hardware customizations include Cyberpunk 2077, Spider-Man Miles Morales, and Halo. You’ll inspect his gear over on

Are You Feeling Lucky?

It is worth entering any competitions the Outriders devs throw our way. These are fabulous prizes and, due to their exclusivity, feel more like special prizes than, say, some in-game content. Well-played, People Can Fly.

If you are not lucky enough to win one among these excellent controllers, then there could be something purchasable you’ll buy instead. There are many other controllers around, and you’ll add exclusivity by designing it yourself!