Yammer Notifications Arrive in Microsoft Teams


Microsoft is making sure that you do not need to leave Teams again.

Should you despise spat between Yammer and Microsoft Teams to catch up with what is happening in your business, your day has just been made much more straightforward. Microsoft has verified that now you can connect your Yammer to Teams and receive all your notifications in 1 area.

Combining Yammer and Microsoft Teams

This upgrade comes as a part of a bigger drive to earn Teams a one-stop-shop for productivity. Lately, Microsoft has introduced pop-out programs apps, which means that you can start your favorite productivity programs without having to take your eyes from Teams.

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Currently, Microsoft is bringing its own Yammer service to the fold. The software giant made a statement on Tech Community describing how to install Yammer alarms in Microsoft Teams.

The steps are simple; visit the Teams programs page and hunt for those Communities program. Once set up, you may then install your Yammer and receive all your alarms in Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams: the Upcoming Big Productivity Hub?

Microsoft doesn’t need its users to render its support, going so far as bringing its additional products on Teams. We will have to see whether Microsoft’s attempts make Teams the “one size fits all” service the software giant needs it to be.

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With these programs, which makes their way over to Teams, it is possible to imagine that it will get hard to browse through them. Luckily, Microsoft has thought about this and will revamp how you browse via Teams.