Xiaomi has been taken off the US government’s blocklist

Xiaomi has been taken off the US government’s blocklist

Xiaomi has narrowly avoided a similar fate since the US government has removed them from its blocklist and its designation as a Chinese Military Company. This is undoubtedly a massive success for Xiaomi, known as the world’s third-biggest smartphone manufacturer. Therefore, being to the blocklist could have had a negative influence on these.

That said, it needs to be mentioned that Huawei and Xiaomi’s rankings are a little different from one another. Huawei is on the Entity List from the American Department of Commerce and the Communist Chinese Army Businesses set by the Department of Defense. This is Xiaomi that was just on the Chinese Army businesses, but who is to say it would not have escalated into the Entity List too.

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Huawei utilized to predominate as the world’s biggest smartphone manufacturer, but they’ve since dropped their crown. Instead, they’re focusing on their newest phones which will send with HarmonyOS, which can challenge Google’s Android. However, only time will tell if they’ll have the ability to generate a huge difference.

Source: Engadget