Xbox Series X mini fridge price and pre-order release date revealed

Xbox Series X mini fridge price and pre-order release date revealed

This year, Microsoft unveiled the Xbox Series X refrigerator, which is a surprisingly decent proposal. Back in October of 2020, this entire situation appeared to be an out-of-season April Fools’ Joke, as a sort of giveaway deal with Snoop Dogg. Then it appeared that Dwayne Johnson’s energy drink had been chilled. Then it began to feel… real.

The rest of the story of this fridge can be found in the ZOA drink post, which starts with the original massive edition and progresses to a real consumer product in 2021. Microsoft is finally ready to sell the Xbox Series X mini fridge for real this time, as we approach October 2021.

The refrigerator will be sold at Target stores in the United States and Canada. In Europe, Toynk, Game Stop EU, and Micromania will have units, and in the United Kingdom, Game will have one.

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This refrigerator will hold 12 cans of (tallboy) soda or energy drink, as well as two mini shelves for snacks. It comes with a DC power adapter, allowing it to be used almost anywhere, and it looks like an Xbox Series X.

Starting on October 19, 2021, you’ll be able to pre-order the fridge from your preferred retailer. If everything goes according to plan, it will be available in stores in December 2021. That is, it is EXPECTED to be released in December of 2021. The Xbox Series X mini fridge will cost around $100 at that time.

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The fridge is referred to as the “Xbox Series X Replica Mini Fridge” on the Target website, which also states, “Yes, it happened.” You’ll likely be able to find this fridge for sale much easier than the actual Xbox Series X – strange, right? Please take a look at the timeline below to learn more about this refrigerator and how it came to be.

Source: slashgear