Xbox Series X Mini-Fridge Details Are Coming Next Month

Xbox Series X Mini-Fridge Details Are Coming Next Month

The general manager of the Microsoft Studios marketing group tweeted that new information about the Xbox Series X mini fridge will arrive next month.

Aaron Greenberg, head of Xbox Games Marketing, recently revealed that more information about the upcoming Xbox Series X Mini-Fridge will be revealed next month and will launch this season. The Xbox Series X Mini-Fridge was originally shown during Xbox’s E3 2021 showcase, but there has been little-to-no information about the project since.

After revealing Microsoft’s Xbox Series X, fans took to social media to joke about Microsoft’s new console and ridicule how it looked more sort of a mini-fridge than a gaming system. The corporate decided to hitch in on the joke and gained exposure by making an Xbox Series X Mini-Fridge and sending models of the creation to a couple of celebrities, like Snoop Dogg. However, it didn’t stop there as Microsoft also collaborated with The Rock’s energy drink brand, ZOA, and promoted the drink an Xbox Series X Mini-Fridge to some influencers. This joke-turned-legitimate product is now set to be released later this year.

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Replying to a tweet that called upon him for an update, Greenberg tweeted that more details about the Xbox Series X Mini-Fridge would be revealed next month. In April, Greenberg promised fans that if Xbox won Twitter’s “Best Of Tweets: Brand Bracket” competition, Microsoft would plough ahead and make Xbox mini-fridges a true product. Urging fans to vote, Xbox eventually triumphed over Skittles, fulfilling Greenberg’s vow. Now, Greenberg made it clear that the Xbox Series X Mini-Fridge is going to be debuting to the overall public this “holiday.”

Although there was – and continues to be – curiosity around the Xbox Series X Mini-Fridge, the project didn’t appear at the Xbox’s Gamescom 2021 showcase this past August. Microsoft, however, announced more other hardware beginning this holiday, possibly alongside the Xbox Series X Mini-Fridge. This included the limited special edition Halo Infinite Xbox Series X, Halo Infinite Elite Series 2 controller, and Forza Horizon 5’s Xbox controller with exclusive DLC.

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Although it’s now known that more Xbox Series X Mini-Fridge details will be unveiled next month, there’s no information for the date or time of said announcement. There’s also no information about the product’s cost, availability or final design. Regardless, the Xbox Series X Mini-Fridge will be out by the top of the year – a satirical Xbox internet joke has officially become a reality.

Source: Aaron Greenberg/Twitter