Xbox One Not Reading Disks

Xbox One Not Reading Disks

Here we can see, “Xbox One Not Reading Disks”

  • You can run into an issue where your Xbox One’s console can’t read the disk if you only use physical versions of games.
  • Start by restarting your computer, moving your console, and checking your disk because there could be several causes for this.

Users of the Xbox One have occasionally expressed issues about the system’s inability to read disks, which may be very upsetting when you’re trying to relax by playing your favorite game.

This typically occurs when you try to insert a disk into the console, and it either won’t play or isn’t recognized. If your Xbox One Home screen prompts you to insert a disk even though one is already in there, your disk has likely not been recognized.

There are two potential problems in such a situation: either the Instant-On power mode settings may prevent a limited number of consoles from reading disks, or the console’s disk drive requires maintenance.

Here are some fixes to assist you to resume playtime as quickly as possible if your Xbox One stops reading games for whatever reason.

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What can I do if my Xbox One is not reading game disks?

1. Preliminary fixes

    1. As the first easy repair, restart your console; it frequently works.
    2. Make sure your external hard drive is set as the default location to install games if you’re using a USB flash to play the game on your console by checking the storage settings.
    3. Additionally, you can turn off the Xbox One, unhook the power cord, and relocate the USB hard drive to another port on the console. Reconnect the power cord to the device and turn it on. If not, the console will configure the drive and format it once more before usage. A faulty sector on your drive can be the root of the problem.
    4. Reconnecting your external disks after unplugging them is a typical repair for consoles that occasionally fail to recognize them.
    5. Utilize Xbox Live to install the most recent Xbox updates. Select Settings > System settings > Wired network (or your wireless network) > Test Xbox Live connection by pressing Guide on your controller. When prompted, choose Yes to install the update.
    6. Check that you’re using the official hard drive for Xbox, as some games won’t play unless you have this drive.
    7. If you’re playing a disk game, you can try wiping the disk with a soft, clean cloth that is just slightly damp, then restarting the game to see if it works.
    8. You can clear the cache on your Xbox by turning off the console, unplugging the power cord, and then pushing the power button once more to deplete the battery. Reconnect the power cable, wait until the light changes from white to orange, then turn on your console once more.
    9. To determine whether the disc or the console’s disk drive is the problem, play the disk on a different console.
    10. Inspect the Blu-ray player app to ensure it is correctly installed and comes from the same country as the console.

2. Change power modes and power cycle the console

    1. To access the manual, press the Xbox button
    2. Access the following menus: System > Settings > Power & Startup > Power mode and startup > Power mode > Energy saving.
    3. Hold the Xbox button for 10 seconds to perform a hard power cycle, then press it once more to restart it.
    4. Try the disk again and wait to see if the Xbox One console will read it. If it reads, revert back to Instant-On power mode

3. Reposition your console

It’s possible that your Xbox One won’t read games because of how you’ve set up your console.

Play your game once more to determine if the gameplay issue reappears after you’ve horizontally positioned your Xbox One system on a level, stable, and uncluttered surface.

4. Reset the Xbox One operating system

    1. Open the manual.
    2. To reset the console, go to Settings > All Settings >System > Console info & updates.
    3. Choose Reset and keep my games and applications from the Reset your console? screen. While keeping your games and apps intact, this resets the OS and deletes potentially corrupted data.

Your console’s operating system could be the cause of the Xbox One not playing games. You don’t have to remove your games or apps to perform the reset.

If everything went well, you might need to restart the general console setup procedures before returning to the Home screen. After this, try playing your game again.

5. Check the game disk for damage

Examine your disk’s backside in detail. Exist any dents or other obvious damage?

Your Xbox One system may be unable to read a disk if it has sustained significant scratching, nicks, or other damage.

6. Try another game disk

The gameplay issue can be a problem with your console’s disk drive if your game disk is undamaged and clean. Try playing a different game disk to verify this.

The disk drive is not the root of the gameplay issue if you can play other game disks on the same console. You can be confident that your Xbox One game disk is broken in this situation and needs to be replaced.

7. Replace the game

You can change the disk on your Xbox One if none of the normal troubleshooting steps work and the console won’t play games, particularly disk games. The disadvantage of using physical disks rather than digital downloads is that you will almost certainly need to buy the disk again.

8. Check for disk drive errors

You should investigate the possibility of a disk drive issue if your Xbox One system cannot run any disk-based games.

9. Request a repair

If none of those as mentioned above fixes work, you’ll need to get your Xbox One console repaired, which you can do by visiting the online service center.


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

User Questions

1. How long is the Xbox One’s lifespan?

Consoles typically have a lifespan of 6 to 8 years with moderate use and adequate maintenance. If not, you shouldn’t count on your Xbox One to function properly. Whether we’re talking about a computer, laptop, or game console, every electrical equipment needs adequate maintenance if we want it to last for a very long time.

2. Why won’t my Xbox work?

All regions of the world can use the internal power supply included in Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One X, and Xbox One S. Your console could just require a power reset if it won’t turn on. Power problems are frequently brought on by the power supply restarting after a power surge.

3. Can an Xbox One get too hot?

If the console shuts off due to overheating, you may need to reposition it or eliminate any obstructions to the vents if your console is getting too hot. Note that this is not affected by the Xbox One S and Xbox One X, which have an internal power supply.

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