WWDC didn’t answer one of Apple’s biggest mysteries

WWDC didn't answer one of Apple's biggest mysteries

Rewind to April when Apple introduced its brand’s newest M1-powered iPad Professional pills. Here we have a crossover between the Mac and the iPad, in which Apple set its fresh acoustic to the luxury iPad Pro.

But it went farther than that.

The 1TB and 2TB variations of this iPad Pro — hardware which costs up to most Macs — have been kitted out with a whopping 16GB of RAM. That is more RAM than Macs have. 

What is the deal with this?

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I had expected the WWDC 2021 keynote would lose any light on this. So perchance a launch of Final Cut Pro for your iPad Guru, or any fresh AR trickery, or even something such as virtualization support.

That is a drawback.

Thus, the luxury iPad Pro is outfitted with a heavyweight quantity of RAM, and beyond enabling more programs to stay available in memory, it isn’t leveraged in any particular way.

Thus, what is the deal?

One possibility is that Apple did so to over-storage, differentiating the lower-capacity iPad Experts from the higher-capacity models. It might make sense as Apple isn’t a stranger to being commended for overcharging clients for RAM and storage.

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Now you are paying for RAM and storage, and that blurs the price lines a bit.

Yet another possibility is that Apple is streamlining its distribution chains to the M1 processor and is offering a socket for variations with 16GB of RAM, even though it does not signify that far.

Then there is the chance that Apple wanted people to watch it and speak about it. In the end, it is unusual for Apple to say just how much RAM iPhones and iPads have. Therefore this 16GB amount stands out not only as distinct but as a major number.

It is a dull, commonplace motive. However, in the lack of whatever ignites such a RAM, it is beginning to feel the most logical.

Why would you believe the M1 iPad Pro has 16GB of RAM?

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