How to: Fix Word Isn’t Your Default Program for Viewing and Editing

How to: Fix Word Isn’t Your Default Program for Viewing and Editing

Here we can see, “How to: Fix Word Isn’t Your Default Program for Viewing and Editing”

  • For some users, the Word isn’t your default software dialog box window keeps appearing when they attempt to open particular file types using the program.
  • The Word Options window contains a deactivate button for the program’s default dialog box.

Word isn’t Your Default Program for Viewing and Editing Docs is a dialog box that some MS Word users have complained about on the Microsoft forum.

Some customers get a recurring dialog box popup when they attempt to open document files in Word. The problem may still occur even if users have Word configured to open the chosen file format.

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Microsoft Word isn’t your default program for viewing and editing documents

Disable Word’s default program dialog box

    1. In Word, click the File tab.
    2. To access the Word Options window, click Options.
    3. On the left side of the Word Options window, click General.
    4. Until you reach Startup choices, continue to scroll down the window.
    5. If Microsoft Word isn’t the default program for viewing and editing documents, deselect that checkbox.
    6. Choose the OK option.

Repair Word’s Office Installation

    1. The Run dialog will be displayed by hitting the Windows key + R keyboard shortcut.
    2. To access the uninstaller Control Panel window, enter appwiz.cpl in the Run box and press OK.
    3. Choose the MS Office package that is listed there.
    4. To access the repair choices, click the Modify button.
    5. Choose the radio button for Quick Repair or Online Repair.
    6. Select Repair from the menu.
    7. After fixing Office, restart Windows.

Check the default apps by file type settings

    1. Verify that all of Word’s file formats are set to be the defaults. Click the Type here to search taskbar button on Windows 10 to do this.
    2. Next, type default into the search box.
    3. To open the window in the image just below, click default apps.
    4. To see a list of available programs, click Set defaults by app.
    5. Click the Manage button after choosing the Word program.
    6. A list of file formats that Word can open will appear after that. If Word is not the default app, choose it for all file formats.
    7. For file formats, choose Word once more since it is already the default.
    8. Restart your laptop or desktop after that.

Uninstall old Office suites

    1. Launch the Run dialog.
    2. After that, you may access the uninstaller by typing appwiz.cpl in Run and selecting OK.
    3. Next, check Programs and Features to see if an older Office installation is listed.
    4. Click the Uninstall button for a previous installation of Office (not the one you’re using right now).
    5. When prompted to uninstall, select Yes.
    6. After deleting your outdated Office software, restart Windows.

Select Notepad and then Word as the default file type

    1. Select Open with by right-clicking the file for which the dialog box has opened.
    2. Go to More apps > Choose another app > Notepad.
    3. Check the box always to use this app.
    4. Choose the OK option.
    5. Then choose Open with > Choose Another App > Word by performing a second right-click on the same file.
    6. Click the OK button after selecting Always use this app.

These are some of the most likely fixes for the dialog window that says, “Word isn’t your default program.”

If you still need assistance, you can contact a Microsoft support representative through the Contact Office Support page.


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

User Questions

1. How do I repair? I don’t always use Microsoft Word to view things.

Go to Start > Settings > Set defaults by the program on Windows 10. (wait till the left-hand list of apps loads) > (Choose the desired program (Word))) Click “Make this software the default” to do so. (Press “Ok”) > (Be joyful.)

2. How can I make Word’s editing default?

    1. Select File > Info.
    2. Choosing Protect document
    3. Select Editing Can Be Done.

3. Why can’t I make Word editable?

Your Word document is probably password-protected if you are unable to edit it. You must disable document protection and remove the password if you don’t want to enter it each time you access the document.

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