windows update stuck at 27

windows update stuck at 27

Here we can see “windows update stuck at 27

How to Fix Windows Update Stuck at 27?

We all know Windows updates are a necessary thing. If you would like a joyful and peaceful life, it’s mandatory.

But the very fact is, we would like to avoid it because sometimes the Windows update is stuck at 27. Most of the time, it happens once we are in a rush. And it’s painful to several Windows users.

However, a Windows update will keep your computer protected, eliminates nasty bugs. 

Moreover, Windows OS works smoothly.

Now the question is, what will you do if the Windows update of your computer is stuck at 27? How will you fix it?

Well, don’t panic, stay calm, and relax. I will cover the fixation process of the Windows 10 update stuck at 27 percent during this article.

So let’s get to the figure.

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How will I understand Windows Update Stuck at 27?

If one of the messages below persists for an extended time, make specific the installation process of 1 or more Windows update is stuck.

  • Preparing to configure Windows. / don’t close up your computer.
  • Configuring Windows updates / x% complete / don’t close up your computer.
  • Would you please not power off or unplug your machine? / Installing update x of x…
  • Working on updates / x% complete / Don’t close up your computer
  • Keep your PC on until this is often done / Installing update x of x…
  • Getting Windows ready / Don’t close up your computer

You may also see different wordings supported by your Windows version.

Why did Windows Update stick at 27 Happens?

This is the original buzzing question for every Windows user. Several different reasons are liable for the Windows stuck problem.

This type of problem happens mostly by a software conflict, or a predetermined issue that involves light only the Windows update starts installing. These rarely happen due to an error on the part of Microsoft regarding updates, but they are doing happen.

You can’t say that Windows 10 experiences Windows stuck problem more. Windows update stuck issues can happen to any version of Windows, including Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Vista.

Does Your Computer Windows Update Stuck?

Before you progress on to the fixation process, you would like to understand your computer Windows updater is stuck. No exception, Windows update installation can take several minutes or more to accomplish the method. In addition, a replacement problem will arise if there’s no issue.

If nothing occurs within the display screen for quite 3 hours during a Windows update, make sure it’s stuck. On the other hand, if anything happens, then many hours, don’t forget to examine your disk drive.

Generally, Windows will grind to a halt before the three hours’ mark, but this is often an inexpensive amount of your time to attend.

Fixation Process of Windows Update Stuck at 27

Option 01>

Press and hold Ctrl + Alt + Del at an equivalent time. In some cases, Windows updates may hang at a specific stage of the installation process. And then, executing this command will lead you to your Windows login screen.

Once the login screen comes, go online to your computer as you always do, and let the updates install effectively.

Essential Quote: After performing Ctrl + Alt + Del command, if your computer takes Restart, read the second quote from the below Option 02.

Option 02>

Restarting the pc is a choice to urge prevent this problem. Press the push button or Power ON/OFF button. Your computer will take Restart without showing any difficulty. and therefore, the update will finish smoothly.

If your Windows update is stuck to 27, you’ve got no choice but to hard-reboot.

Moreover, if you’re automatically taken to the Advanced Boot Options or Startup Settings Menu after reboot, don’t forget to pick Safe Mode and follow the choice 03 below.

Important Quote: If your computer OS is Windows 10 / 8, and after the Restart, once you’re taken to the sign-on screen, attempt to hover your mouse to the facility icon placed at the right-bottom area and click on thereon. Then select Update > Restart.

Option 03>

You can select Safe Mode to start Windows. This is often a special diagnostic mode of Windows, allowing loading required drivers and services that are mandatory for Windows.

However, if the Windows update installation process finishes successfully and you’ve chosen to continue with the safe mode, no worries. An effortless restart will allow you to enter Windows with no trouble.

Option 04>

If you would like to undo the changes made during incomplete Windows updates, you ought to choose System Restore.

Assuming a Recovery Point has been created, and therefore the System Recovery has been successful, your computer should return to its point before starting the update. 

Option 05>

It would be best if you select System Restore from Advanced Startup Options. However, this feature is out there in Windows 10 & 8. For Windows 7 & Vista, you ought to attend the System Recovery Option. Follow these steps if only you’re unable to access Safe Mode.

The good news is, you’ll access these Manus because they’re outside of Windows, and obtaining these Menus is feasible, albeit Windows is entirely unattainable.

Option 06>

System Restore may be a more direct way of undoing any changes. However, sometimes, you’ll get to follow a more comprehensive repair process from the below in terms of Windows Update.

  • Windows 10 & 8: Choose Startup Repair. If it’s not helpful, Reset this PC process. However, it’s a non-destructive process.
  • Windows 7 & Vista: Choose the Startup Repair Process.
  • Windows XP: Choose the Repair Install Process.

Option 07>

It also might happen that your memory has fallen, which is why the Windows Update Installation process has stuck.

At now, check your computer RAM.

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Option 08>

Due to an outdated BIOS, the stuck problem may happen, whereas it’s a particular reason. A BIOS update can fix whether one or more updates involving Windows trying to put in Windows are involved in how Windows works together with your Motherboard or other built-in hardware.

Option 09>

If none of the above options is workable, you’ll prefer to provide a clean Windows Install. Having a clean Windows installation means the disk drive is being wholly erased, then reinstalling Windows from scratch on an equivalent disk drive.

No doubt, you’ll want to avoid this reinstallation of Windows, but this is often an efficient way of solving the Windows update stuck at 27 problems.

Last Words

I believe any of the above options will assist you in eliminating the Windows update stuck at 27 issues. However, please don’t be late when it’s time to urge a Windows update. Within the end, you can’t avoid this update process, so it’s better if you permit your computer to require Windows to update on time.

User Questions:

1. Windows 10: performing on updates stuck at 27%

My Lenovo b570 was running Windows 10 1707, so I downloaded the Windows Update Assistant, and it downloaded version 1909. It downloaded OK, then the laptop restarted.

Now it says, “working on updates. this may take a short time 27%,” and it’s been at 27% for 3 hours now with no sign of progress. the whole process has been a minimum of six hours now, with two hours going from 0% to 27%.

2. My Windows 10 update is stuck on 27% for over 8 hours

I don’t know what to try to do, so I decided to force boot my laptop. And it keeps doing it whenever my laptop restarted please help me 

3. stuck at “working on updates” at 27%, reboots to rotating dots

The quickest method to upgrade is to reset save files (reinstall drivers and applications) or clean install.

For troubleshooting, please perform these steps:

1) Open administrative prompt and sort or copy and paste:

2) sfc /scannow

3) dism /online /cleanup-image /scan health

4) dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth

5) sfc /scannow

4. Windows 10 stuck on ‘working on updates’

So last night, I decided to Update my windows from build 1809 to 1903. I left my pc on overnight, and once I awakened, the screen was and still is on:

‘Working on Updates 29%

Don’t close up your Pc. this may take a short time.

5. Upgrade Assistant From 1809 to 1903 Stuck at 27%

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