Chrome’s Crashing After Windows Update? Here’s How to Fix It

Chrome’s Crashing After Windows Update? Here’s How to Fix It

Here we can see, “Chrome’s Crashing After Windows Update? Here’s How to Fix It”

  • Users have reported an issue with the Chrome browser after installing the newest Windows 10 update.
  • Chrome is continually crashing due to a new flaw that causes it to crash for no apparent reason.
  • This problem has only been reported on Windows 10 computers, not on Mac or Linux.
  • There is no discernible trend at this time, but rest assured that the issue will be resolved.

As with many of the Windows 10 releases, flaws that were not anticipated are gradually becoming apparent.

This time, the Chrome browser is the victim, as it appears to crash for no apparent reason. A substantial number of people are affected by this new problem.

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After a Windows update, Google Chrome 90 keeps crashing

Many users have resorted to social media after installing the latest Windows 10 update to report that Chrome is behaving strangely.

According to the Reddit article, this problem is limited to Windows 10 machines. There have been no complaints of this issue affecting macOS or Linux.

This is quite suspicious; I’m curious if we’ll be able to learn anything from Google.

There is no mention of a specific pattern, as far as we can tell. Chrome appears to crash on Windows 10 only after loading the extension or while the extensions are loading.

The browser sometimes starts up properly, but the extensions, settings pages, and tabs keep crashing.

What can I do to get rid of this Chrome problem?

If you’re having trouble with this, don’t panic; there are some steps you can do to put this nightmare behind you.

Uninstalling and reinstalling Chrome, disabling Sandbox, cleaning your browser cache, and running a complete system antivirus scan are all options.

Check out our comprehensive fix post for a more in-depth approach to resolving this issue. This problem will be solved if you follow the guidelines we have set for you.


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User Questions:

1. Why is it that Google Chrome keeps crashing in the year 2020?

The following are some of the variables that may be causing Chrome to crash: You unintentionally installed malware on your browser or PC; You’ve opened too many tabs and websites on your browser, causing it to slow down; Something is wrong with your computer’s network adapter.

2. What’s the deal with Chrome not working after the Windows Update?

To update the browser to the newest version, open the Chrome browser and type chrome:/settings/help into the URL bar. If Google Chrome isn’t responding, it’s possible that the problem is with your DNS cache.

3. Why is it that Google Chrome keeps crashing in the year 2021?

Chrome stopping on Windows 10 could be the result of a virus or spyware on your machine. As a result, we recommend running a virus scan to see if your machine is virus-free and to repair the Google Chrome crashing issue.

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