windows photo viewer slideshow

windows photo viewer slideshow

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If you uploaded pictures from your camera or phone to your PC, there’s an honest chance you’re wondering the way to make a slideshow with them to present to family and friends. This guide will show you ways to make and consider one in Windows 10 using four of its in-built tools.

Viewing pictures in Windows 10 by creating a slideshow

First, we’ll cover how you’ll view pictures as a slideshow on your desktop before moving on to File Explorer, Windows Photo viewer, and Microsoft Photos. Each has its benefit, with Photos letting you quickly flick through all of your photos and File Explorer allowing additional slideshow controls.

You can create a Windows 10 slideshow from any pictures, but the foremost important thing is to have them in their folder. In addition, you’ll want to require the time to see through and obtain prevent those in portrait orientation or are low resolution. Ideally, they ought to be a widescreen ratio, too.

Now that you have a folder prepared let’s dive into the way to create your Windows 10 slideshow.

How to Make a Slideshow Display as Your Desktop Background

Windows 10 allows you to set a slideshow as your desktop background so you’ll have a continuing reminder of your favorite moments. Here’s how:

1.Open Settings

Press the “Start” button, then click the settings cog above the facility button. Alternatively, press Windows + I.

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2.Click “Personalization”

3.Change your background to a Windows 10 slideshow.

In the Settings sidebar, click “Background,” then change the “Picture” dropdown under “Background” to “Slideshow.”

Make sure you modify your slideshow settings to fit your preferences, browse the right folder and adjust the “Change picture every” and “Shuffle” settings.

4.Optional: enable classic desktop backgrounds interface

If you favor the simplicity of the classic desktop background interface, you’ll open it via Run and use that to look at pictures as a slideshow on your desktop.

Press Windows + R to open the run dialog and paste the subsequent into the “Open” field:

shell:::{ED834ED6-4B5A-4bfe-8F11-A626DCB6A921} -Microsoft.Personalization\pageWallpaper

Press “OK” to open the old personalization app.

5.Create a slideshow within the classic app

Use the photographs in your Windows theme folder or browse to a slideshow folder you ready earlier via the “Browse…” button. Tick the pictures you’d like for your Windows 10 slideshow and alter the settings to fit your preference. You’ll change the image positions, timings, and whether to shuffle images or display them sequentially.

Once you’re done, press “Save changes” to use the wallpaper.

How to Make a Slideshow from Photos in File Explorer

If you already have a folder prepared, you’ll create a simple slideshow in Windows 10 via File Explorer. This doesn’t provide many options, but it gets the work done.

1.Select one or more pictures and press the “Slide show” button

You’ll find the Slide show button within the “Manage” tab of your File Explorer ribbon. 

2.Adjust your photos’ slideshow settings

The slideshow will now start automatically playing images. You’ll right-click on the Microsoft slideshow window to vary settings, including whether to pause, attend subsequent image, shuffle, and loop. You’ll also use this menu to regulate timings or exit it altogether.

To Make a Slide Show in Windows 10 Photo Viewer

Some of you’d like better to use the old Windows Photo Viewer as a slideshow player. This was the default in older Windows versions, so the likelihood is that you’re already conversant in it. It’s a touch more hidden on Microsoft’s latest OS, but you’ll still use it – you only need to enable it first.

1.View a photograph in Windows Photo viewer

Right-click any photo in your slideshows folder and choose “Open with > Windows Photo Viewer.”

2.Press the slideshow player button

It should be large, blue, and smack bang within the middle of your bottom toolbar.

3.Change your photo viewer slideshow settings.

You can right-click any image to access more controls, including Play, Pause, Next, Back, Shuffle, Loop, and speed. Then, just click them to use them.

How to Create a Microsoft Photos Slideshow

If you favor the fashionable Microsoft Photos like me, you’ll use that for slideshows too. It requires an additional button press, but you’ll use a handy hotkey to hurry up the method if you would like.

1.View a photograph in Microsoft Photos

Right-click the photo you would like the slideshow to start on and choose “Open with > Photos.”

2.Start your Microsoft Photos slideshow.

Click the three-dots within the top-right corner to try to to so and click on “Slideshow,” or just press F5 on your keyboard.

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Once you’re in slideshow mode, you’ll use the arrow keys to travel to the subsequent or previous image. To access Photos slideshow settings, move your mouse to the highest of your screen and click on the menu button that appears.


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below. 

User Questions:

  1. Does Windows have a slideshow maker?

A slideshow is one of the simplest ways to arrange pictures for storage. … Icecream Slideshow Maker may be a great software to make a slideshow in Windows 10, 8, or 7. because of an easy-to-use and intuitive interface, you’ll easily get the simplest results for slideshow creation.

  1. Does Windows 10 have a free slideshow maker?

CyberLink MediaShow. Simple yet powerful, CyberLink MediaShow is a superb free slideshow maker that allows you to organize and make an image video without hassles intelligently. This Windows 10 slideshow maker software can organize and retrieve effortlessly.

  1. Can I make a photo slideshow in PowerPoint?

PowerPoint comes with an inbuilt slideshow creator called photo album, which saves tons of your time and energy in putting a slideshow together. With this feature, you do not get to keep inserting pictures into individual slides. … But, before you begin, you would like to maneuver all of the photos you propose to use into one folder.

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