How to: Fix Windows 10 Error 0x81000019

How to: Fix Windows 10 Error 0x81000019

Here we can see, “How to: Fix Windows 10 Error 0x81000019”

  • Unfortunately, error notifications are an unavoidable part of the Windows 10 experience.
  • The steps in the post below will teach you how to fix issue 0x81000019 in Windows 10.

When customers attempt to back up Windows 10, the 0x81000019 problem can occur. The error message reads as follows:

A shadow copy could not be created. Please check VSS and SSP application event logs for more information.

As a result, customers cannot back up Windows 10 as required. Is it necessary for you to correct that error? If that’s the case, look over these possible solutions for error 0x81000019.

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How can I fix error 0x81000019 on Windows 10?

1. Check the VSS and Software Protection services

First, make sure that both the Volume Shadow Copy and Software Protection services are active.

    1. To open the Run accessory, right-click the Start button and pick Run.
    2. In the Run accessory’s text box, type services.msc and select OK.
    3. To open the dialog shown in the screenshot below, double-click Volume Shadow Copy.
    4. If the service is deactivated, choose Automatic starting for VSS.
    5. In the properties window, click the Start button.
    6. Press the OK button after selecting the Apply option.
    7. To open the Software Protection window, double-click it.
    8. If the service is not running, press the Start button there.
    9. To depart, click OK.

2. Free up storage space

The 0x81000019 issue is frequently caused by a lack of accessible storage space on the destination or source device. As a result, be sure the drive you’re trying to back up Windows 10 to has enough capacity.

Furthermore, you’ll need a lot of free space on the source drive (about 40 percent free space). If your hard disk is nearly full, you may need to free up space.

There are several ways to free up storage space. Because software takes up the most space, removing unnecessary apps is one of the most effective approaches.

Additionally, using system maintenance applications to delete garbage files can free up a lot of space.

3. Expand the system reserved partition

To fix the x81000019 problem, some users may need to increase their reserved system partition space to more than 500 megabytes. MiniTool Partition Wizard, a freeware program, can help you do this.

To get the installation for that software, go to its download page and click Free Download. MiniTool Partition Wizard Free 11 includes instructions for expanding the system reserved partition on that linked page.

4. Erase System Restore points

If the error message indicates The given object could not be found, it could be due to obsolete system restore points.

    1. Open Run to correct this.
    2. In the Open box, type Control Panel and click OK.
    3. On the menu directly below, select System and Security.
    4. Go to System and choose it.
    5. To open the window directly below, click System protection on the left.
    6. Then select Configure from the drop-down menu.
    7. Select the Delete option from the drop-down menu.

5. Disable or uninstall third-party antivirus software

Antivirus software from companies like Avast, McAfee, and Comodo could be interfering with Windows Backup.

Deactivate your third-party antivirus program by right-clicking the icon in your system tray and selecting the disable option from the context menu, as shown in the screenshot below.

To give yourself time to complete the backup, disable it until you restart Windows. To fix issue 0x81000019, some customers may need to completely uninstall their third-party antivirus software.

The remedies mentioned above may fix errors 0x81000019, but they aren’t guaranteed to work for everyone. If the preceding methods don’t work, try using the sfc /scannow command to do a system file scan.

A repair install of Windows will most likely solve the problem as a last resort.

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I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

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