Windows Defender Not Working on Windows 11? Try These Fixes

Windows Defender Not Working on Windows 11? Try These Fixes

Here we can see, “Windows Defender Not Working on Windows 11? Try These Fixes”

  • Users have expressed dissatisfaction with Windows Defender’s malfunction on Windows 11. A third party might be involved in this problem with a different antivirus program.
  • The solution to this issue might be to enable real-time protection.
  • Most Windows Defender issues can also be resolved by routinely checking for updates.

Microsoft Defender, a key component of every Windows edition, has developed into one of the most effective tools for safeguarding your computer from malware.

This application, which is also a part of Windows 11, combines thorough threat resistance research and cutting-edge security to offer protection on all Windows-based devices.

Therefore, customers turn to the Internet in search of causes and ways to fix the error and get back the protection they need for their devices when it happens and doesn’t operate correctly, or Windows 11 cannot open Windows Security.

For this reason, we’ll examine the most typical causes and demonstrate how to turn things around.

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Why has my Windows Defender stopped working?

Please be aware that specific Windows Defender issues may arise if you have third-party antivirus software installed on your computer.

Use Windows Defender or another antivirus program if desired. Additionally, if you recently purchased a laptop, ensure it didn’t come with a preinstalled trial antivirus program, as this can prevent Windows Defender from functioning correctly.

Microsoft provided the following statement regarding the compatibility with various antivirus programmes:

What happens when another non-Microsoft antivirus/antimalware solution is used? Can you run Microsoft Defender Antivirus alongside another antivirus product? The answers depend on several factors, such as your operating system and whether you’re using Microsoft Defender for Endpoint (Defender for Endpoint) together with your antivirus protection.

Additionally, you might need to delete the free security scanner if you use apps like Flash or Java because it sometimes causes problems.

A wrong time and date, which affects many system processes and may come as a surprise, is another frequent cause of Windows Defender not starting.

Furthermore, an old computer might cause several difficulties; thus we always advise you to update both your antivirus software and your machine entirely.

What to do if Windows Defender is not working in Windows 11?

1. Change the date and time

    1. From the taskbar, click the Start button.
    2. Choose Settings from the menu.
    3. From the left pane, select Time & Language.
    4. The Date & Time option can be found in the right pane.
    5. Choose the appropriate date and time for your zone by clicking the Change button.

2. Update Windows

      1. From the taskbar, click the Start button.
      2. Choose Settings.
      3. On Windows Update, click.
      4. Then, select Check for updates.

    3. Enable real-time protection

      1. From the taskbar, click the Search icon.
      2. After typing Windows Security, choose it from the list of possibilities.
      3. Go to Threat & Virus Protection.
      4. Click Manage settings under Virus & threat protection settings in the right pane.
      5. Turn the toggle for Real-time protection on.

    4. Run a SFC scan

        1. From the taskbar, select Search.
        2. After entering the command prompt, select Run as administrator.
        3. Type the next line in:
          • sfc/scannow
        4. Restarting your computer when the process is finished will take some time.

      5. Change the Proxy Server

          1. From the taskbar, click the Search icon.
          2. To run as administrator, enter Command Prompt and choose that option.
          3. Choose from the following to enter:
          4. Try restarting the computer to see if it fixes the problem.

        Windows 11 cannot open Windows Security

        Numerous customers reported experiencing a similar issue: an odd pop-up appears instead of the application running when they click the Open Windows Security button on the Windows Security tab in Settings.

        It says This windowsdefender link requires a new app to be opened, providing users the opportunity to look for a program on the Microsoft Store.

        Fortunately, a quick fix can be used to address the issue right now. To run PowerShell as administrator, just enter the Windows key, type PowerShell, right-click on it, copy and paste the following command, and then press Enter.

        Get-AppxPackage Microsoft.SecHealthUI -AllUsers | Reset-AppxPackage

        What does Windows Defender has to offer to Windows 11 users?

        Although Windows Defender is largely unchanged from the previous operating system, it does include one noteworthy feature called Microsoft Defender Application Guard (MDAG) that you should learn more about.

        It is accessible for various gadgets, including business PCs, portable laptops, and personally owned laptops controlled by Microsoft Intune or a comparable programme.

        Microsoft’s Application Guard was created for Microsoft Edge and Microsoft Office with the primary goals of preventing emerging attacks and raising worker productivity:

        Microsoft Defender Application Guard (Application Guard) is designed to help prevent old and newly emerging attacks to help keep employees productive. Using our unique hardware isolation approach, our goal is to destroy the playbook that attackers use by making current attack methods obsolete.

        The system’s operation is relatively simple to comprehend. For instance, MDAG will assist in isolating previously identified untrusted sites for Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer, safeguarding your business from any assault.

        Microsoft Edge will isolate and launch a Hyper-V-capable container whenever a page from an untrusted domain is opened.

        You can decide whether to trust particular websites, cloud resources, or internal networks. It’s also important to note that this capability doesn’t require Hyper-V to be activated.

        There you have it—the scenarios that are most likely to result in issues, along with fixes for your Windows 11 device.

        Additionally, if Windows Defender is off on your Windows 11 computer, don’t be afraid to alter your registry to turn it back on.

        Additionally, be sure to wipe your registry and examine your environment variables if the Windows Defender service won’t start.


        I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

        User Questions

        1. Why won’t Windows Defender launch in Windows 11?

        The Windows Defender won’t launch in Windows 11 issue can occasionally be brought on by missing or damaged files on the system. The lack of system data or components required for the operating system upgrade may cause you to suffer further problems.

        2. In Windows 11, how can I turn on Windows Defender?

          1. Select Virus & threat protection under Windows Security under Start > Settings > Update & Security > Windows Security. Control the settings.
          2. Turn off Real-time protection and select the option to confirm “Yes.”

        3. How can I make Windows Defender work again on Windows 11?

        Windows Defender can also be reset via the Settings menu. You don’t need to bother with a PowerShell command if Settings opens without any issues for you. As an alternative, select Reset by going to Settings > Apps > Installed Apps > Windows Security > three dots.

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