How to Sync Your Windows and Android Clipboards Across Devices

How to Sync Your Windows and Android Clipboards Across Devices

Here we can see, “How to Sync Your Windows and Android Clipboards Across Devices”

  • Finally, your clipboard may be synced between Windows and SwiftKey devices.
  • Beta testing for this fantastic feature has begun, and it will soon be available.
  • You must first turn on this function on your computer and smartphone before using it.
  • Clipboard synchronization is supported by Windows 11 as well; thus it’s not just for Windows 10.

There is some good news for those Windows 10 and 11 users who regularly use the OS clipboard for their daily duties.

Despite being in beta, this functionality finally allows you to sync your clipboard between Windows 10 and SwiftKey.

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How can I sync my Windows and Android clipboard?

The most recent SwiftKey Beta upgrade from the Redmond tech company enables users to sync their clipboard history between Android and Windows 10.

You may previously have been able to sync your clipboard between Windows devices, but the same functionality is now available across different operating systems.

You must first enable Cloud Clipboard on your PC and smartphone for it to sync between devices.

It appears that the rollout of this new functionality will happen gradually. Even though they recently updated SwiftKey Beta, some users still don’t see the option.

However, if it is accessible to you, adhere to these instructions to activate the feature:

    1. Open SwiftKey Beta.
    2. Select Rich input.
    3. Select Clipboard.
    4. Enable Sync clipboard history.

As we specified previously, you must also activate clipboard syncing on your Windows device. To do this, follow these instructions:

    1. Select System in the Windows 10 Settings app.
    2. Turn on Clipboard history by selecting Clipboard.
    3. Activate device-to-device Sync.
    4. Select Automatically sync text that I copy under Automatic synchronization.

You’ll be happy to know that the future operating system from Microsoft, Windows 11, also enables clipboard syncing.

With so many services syncing across devices, having clipboard content sync makes perfect sense.

The ability to copy text from one device and paste it onto another is a significant gain because people routinely continue discussions or workflows across devices.

Microsoft previously offered a different method of syncing the clipboard through the Your Phone app. However, having the option available immediately within a keyboard app may be a more convenient choice for users.


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

User Questions

1. How can I sync my clipboard between devices?

Getting ClipPaste set up is simple: Create a new account and install the app on your Mac, Android, or iPhone. You can share your clipboard info between several devices after logging in. Next, open the ClipPaste program and copy any text or image.

2. How do I get the clipboard from my phone onto my computer?

Wi-Fi or a USB connection should be used to connect your phone and computer. Go to the feature list and select the “Clipboard” tab. From the list of past items on the clipboard, choose the one or more that you require. Choose a location on your computer to save the file after clicking “Copy to PC.”

3. How can I wirelessly download files from my PC to my Android device?

Devices > Bluetooth & Other Devices can be found under Devices in the Windows Settings. First, ensure Bluetooth is turned on, and the PC can be found. Next, launch the Settings app on your Android device. Finally, select “Pair New Device” under “Connected Devices” or “Bluetooth.”

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