windows 95 install

windows 95 install

Here we can see, “windows 95 install”

Windows 95

Code-named Chicago, Windows 95 is an OS released by Microsoft in August 1995. it’s the foremost important release of Windows ever and still, one of the most successful software releases ever.

New Windows 95 features

Windows 95 offered a new environment compared to Windows 3.11 with its new Start button and desktop. Below are a number of the opposite new features Windows 95 introduced, most of which are still used with current versions of Windows.

  • Plug and Play – Plug and play allowed hardware devices to be automatically installed into the pc with the right software. Don’t require jumpers to be used.
  • Device Manager – Introduced Device Manager to assist list and control hardware.
  • 32-Bit – A 32-bit OS allows the pc to run faster and more efficiently and support 32-bit applications.
  • Registry – Combines the facility of multiple configuration files into two registry files, allowing the system configurations to be located easier.
  • Memory – Windows 95 has improved memory handling processes compared to Windows 3.11.
  • Right-click – Allows access and text manipulation by utilizing the appropriate push button (right-click) rather than just one button.
  • CD Player – Enhanced CD player with improved usability and AutoPlay feature.

Windows 95 system requirements

80386 DX or higher


35 MB disk drive space

CD-ROM or floppy

Sound Blaster compatible sound card.

VGA or higher-resolution

100% compatible Microsoft keyboard and mouse

DOS 5.0 and better needed for an upgrade

What Windows came before Windows 95?

For the top user, Microsoft 3.11 came before Windows 95.

What version of Windows came after Windows 95?

For the top user, Microsoft Windows 98 came after Windows 95.

How to Install Windows 95

Windows 95 may be a closed source OS aimed toward home users. It had been released on the 15th of August 1995, but support for it ended on the 31st of December 2001.

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It was a great improvement over Windows 3.1. for instance, its desktop layout has virtually remained with every single Windows OS built after Windows 95.

Preparing for installation

  1. Insert the Windows 95 installation disk.
  2. Boot up your computer.


  1. Wait for the screen message to seem. When this screen appears, press ↵ Enter.
  2. Configure. If you haven’t already allocated a partition to your disk drive, confirm ‘Configure unallocated disk space’ is highlighted and ↵ Enter.
  3. Select whether you’d like large disk support.
    • This is a matter of private preference, but ‘Yes’ was chosen during this tutorial.
    • This message might not come up if your disk drive is smaller than 512mb.
  4. Ensure the Windows 95 Boot Disk is in Drive A and press ↵ Enter.
  5. Press ↵ Enter to continue with the installation.
  6. Click continue with the installation.
  7. Accept the license agreement.
    • It’s a good idea to read the agreement so you recognize what you agree to.
  8. Click Next
  9. Select where you would like Windows 95 to put in on your disk drive and click on Next >.
    • Normally it’s best to settle on where Windows recommends.
  10. Select what quite a setup you’d like and click on Next >
    • For this tutorial, ‘Typical’ was chosen.
  11. Type in your product key and click on Next >
    • The product key should have accompanied your Windows 95 setup disks.
  12. Type in your name and click on Next >.
    • It’s not essential to place a corporation in
  13. If you’ve got any of the hardware, click the checkboxes related to your hardware and click on Next >.
    • For this tutorial, none of the checkboxes were selected.
  14. Choose whether you would like to put in the foremost common components for Windows or to settle on the components yourself and click on Next >
    • For this tutorial, ‘Install the foremost common components’ was selected.
  15. Choose whether you would like to make a startup disk or not and click on Next >
    • The startup disk may be a disk that may be inserted into your computer should Windows fail else and may then repair or reinstall Windows.
    • For this tutorial, ‘No’ was selected.
  16. Click Next
  17. Remove any disks from their drives, e.g., floppy disks, also because the installation disk and click on Finish.
  18. If you get confronted with this error, please see Method 4 ‘ Fixing “Windows protection error”. ‘
  19. Click OK
  20. Type during a Computer name and a Workgroup and click on Close
    • Computer description isn’t required.
  21. Reinsert the Windows 95 installation disk and click on OK
  22. Ensure your date and time settings are correct, then click Close.
  23. Decide whether you would like to put in a printer.
    • If so, click Next > otherwise choose Cancel (Cancel was chosen during this tutorial).
  24. Remove any disks in your computer and click on OK to restart your computer.
  25. The Windows 95 installation is complete. Enjoy.
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Shutting down

  1. Click Start.
  2. Click Shutdown
  3. Ensure the ‘Shut down the computer?’ option is checked, then click Yes.

Fixing “Windows protection error.”

If you see this error, the likelihood is that your processor is just too fast to run Windows 95. Fortunately, there’s a cure.

  1. Firstly, need to
  2. Scroll down until you see FIX95CPU_V3_FINAL.ZIP and click on this hyperlink to start the download.
  3. Click the small arrow next to FIX95CPU_V3_FINAL.ZIP as shown within the picture and click on Show in folder.
  4. Right-click the folder and Extract using the default Windows service by click Extract All… to a destination of your choosing.
    • You can also use a third-party program like 7-Zip.
  5. Read the readme.
    • This is so you’ll decide which file you would like to use:
    • FIX95CPU.ISO and FIX95CPU.IMA is to be used during a virtual machine
    • FIX95CPU.ISO are often wont to burn to a CD
    • FIX95CPU.EXE is for writing to a diskette 
  6. Please make sure the file you would like to use is within the appropriate format (e.g., a CD), insert it into your computer, boot the pc and press any key to continue when confronted with the message shown within the picture.
  7. Decide whether you would like to read the readme by press Y for Yes or N for No.
    • No was selected here because the readme is strictly equivalent because the one within the zip folder.
  8. When confronted with this message, press any key to continue.
    • This will begin to repair the processor issues.
  9. Press any key to restart the pc and take away the ‘CD’ from the pc.
    • If you do not remove the ‘CD’, it’ll begin an endless loop into this setup screen.
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User Questions:

  1. Can Windows 95 hook up with the Internet?

The biggest problem is that the computer’s LAN (Local Area Network) settings might not be set. However, to attach to the web on a Windows 95 VM in VBox, the TCP/IP protocol must be installed. If the TCP/IP protocol isn’t installed within the Win 95 VM, you’ll not be ready to access the web.

  1. Is Windows 95 CD bootable?

These disks are original boot diskette media to be used with Microsoft Windows CD-ROMs. Unfortunately, not all Windows 9x/ME CDs are bootable, not all CDs included boot disks, and DOS won’t see a CD-ROM drive unless a driver is loaded.

  1. Can Windows 10 run Windows 95 software?

There’s now an Electron app with Microsoft’s Windows 95 OS that you can install and run on Windows 10 devices. The well-known developer Felix Rieseberg has packed the full-fledged Windows 95 OS in an app that you can run on your computer.

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