How to Fix Windows 11 Battery Drain Issues

How to Fix Windows 11 Battery Drain Issues

Here we can see, “How to Fix Windows 11 Battery Drain Issues”

  • After updating their operating systems, some customers began experiencing battery depletion in Windows 11.
  • If you turn on the battery saver option, the issue can be resolved quickly.
  • One of the best ways to prevent the Windows 11 battery from quickly depleting is to modify the power plan.
  • You should stop useless programs from operating in the background because some of them can drain a lot of battery.

There are many exciting new features and upgrades in Windows 11. However, it appears that these demands more power because users report battery drain difficulties.

According to what they claim, after updating the OS to the most recent version, their smartphone went from being used occasionally to hardly at all.

For instance, if laptops could previously operate for 3–4 hours, this problem reduces that time to a maximum of 1.5–2 hours. This problem might be somewhat frustrating because you’ll need to check your battery and charge your gadget constantly.

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Why do Windows 11 battery drain issues appear?

The first one implies that too many background programs are loaded, which drain the battery even when not in use.

Another explanation for this problem could be that your device and the most recent OS specs are incompatible. First, check to see if your laptop complies with the official Windows 11 requirements now that they have been released.

Older devices may also contribute to power consumption as Windows 11 doesn’t support them. Also, keep in mind that various settings choices can limit its capability.

How can I stop Windows 11 from battery drain?

1. Reduce the brightness

    1. After pressing the Windows key, select Settings.
    2. Go to System, then click on Power.
    3. Slide bar adjustment Simply drags it to the left to dim the light.

2. Enable the battery saver

    1. Open Windows Settings.
    2. After selecting System, choose Power.
    3. Then click the Turn on now button after looking at the Battery Saver section.

3. Adjust Battery Video Playback

    1. Launch Settings.
    2. Navigate to Apps and select Video playback.
    3. From the Battery choices, select the Optimize battery for life button.
    4. Check that both Play the video at a lower resolution while on battery and Don’t automatically process the video when on the battery are selected.
    5. Reopen System > Display.
    6. Navigate to HDR.
    7. Choose Optimize for battery life from the drop-down option next to Battery Options.
    8. After selecting Apply, hit OK.

4. Optimize the Power Plan

    1. Choose a power plan by pressing the Windows key, typing power plan, and then clicking.
    2. Select Change plan options after selecting Balanced.
    3. Make your selection for Advanced power settings.
    4. Settings for Multimedia, expand.
    5. For On battery, select Power-saving bias under Video playback quality bias and click OK.
    6. Similarly, select Optimize power conservation for On battery under When playing video.
    7. After selecting Apply, click OK.

5. Dynamic Refresh Rate Mode

    1. Launch Settings.
    2. Click on Display after going to System.
    3. Press the Advanced Display button.
    4. Besides, Choose a refresh rate and click on the Dynamic option.

6. Prevent apps from running in the background

    1. Open Settings.
    2. Navigate to Apps and select Apps & features.
    3. Look for the apps you aren’t utilizing right now.
    4. Select Advanced settings by clicking the three vertical dots.
    5. Find the Background Apps Permissions option, then choose Power Optimized from the drop-down box (recommended).
    6. Apply the same procedure to each of the unused apps.

You should stop this by closing unimportant programs because battery utilization relies on how many apps are launching and running in the background. You can also use Battery Optimizer, which will scan your PC automatically and make changes to improve battery life.

What apps drain your Windows 11 battery the most?

For instance, video games with medium and high system requirements demand a lot of processing and graphics power. As a result, they can quickly deplete your battery because of this.

A lot of battery will be used up when using multiple tabs in web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, or Opera. Try using Microsoft Edge instead, and here’s how to turn on its Efficiency mode on Windows 11.

Furthermore, using the newly integrated Android apps could cause Windows 11 to experience a power loss.

As you can see, there are many techniques you may use to stop the battery on your copy of Windows 11 from depleting. While not required, we advise using them all if you want to maximize your results.


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

User Questions

1. Will Windows 11 use less battery power?

Does the Windows 11 OS affect how long a battery lasts? Unfortunately, your battery may be depleted more quickly than usual after updating to Windows 11 if you have an earlier version of the operating system on your device. This results from Windows 11’s system requirements, which demand more resources and power than earlier Windows versions.

2. How long does the battery in Windows 11 last?

Windows 11 is undoubtedly speedier, but I also find that the battery on my laptop seems to be depleted more quickly. While it readily lasts 3.5 to 4 hours on Windows 10 with typical usage, it just takes 2 hours for Windows 11 to reach less than 10%.

3. How can I modify Windows 11’s charging settings?

Use the drop-down menu next to “Turn battery saver on” automatically in the “Battery” section to choose the battery % at which it should activate. In addition, by turning on the Lower screen brightness when utilizing the battery saver option, you can further extend battery life.

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