windows 10 is getting a built-in linux kernel

windows 10 is getting a built-in linux kernel

Here we can see, “windows 10 is getting a built-in linux kernel”

Microsoft today announced Windows Subsystem for Linux version 2—that’s WSL 2. it’ll feature “dramatic filing system performance increases” and support for Docker. to form all this possible, Windows 10 will have a Linux kernel.

No, Microsoft isn’t making Windows 10 into a Linux distribution. The Windows kernel still supports it. But Microsoft “will be shipping a true Linux kernel with Windows which will fill supervisor call instruction compatibility possible.” Microsoft will compile the kernel supported the newest stable branch of the ASCII text file. It’ll initially be supported version 4.19 of the Linux kernel.

Microsoft’s Linux kernel are going to be tuned for WSL 2 and “optimized for size and performance to offer a tremendous Linux experience on Windows.” The Linux kernel are going to be updated through Windows Update. Yes, you’ll be getting Linux kernel security updates through Windows Update. The kernel’s full ASCII text files are going to be available online on Github.

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This Linux kernel is optimized for little size, improved launch times, and low memory usage. it’ll replace “the emulation architecture featured within the design of WSL1.”

This drastic change means WSL now offers improved filing system performance. In addition, it features full supervisor call instruction compatibility. Meaning you’ll run Docker and other Linux apps on Windows using WSL 2. However, this isn’t a slow sort of a VM—it’s as fast as WSL 1 or maybe faster. Here’s what Microsoft says about that:

File intensive operations like git clone, npm install, apt update, apt upgrade, and more will be noticeably faster. the particular speed increase will depend upon which app you’re running and how it interacts with the filing system. Initial tests that we’ve run have WSL 2 running up to 20x faster compared to WSL 1 when unpacking a gzipped tarball and around 2-5x faster when using git clone, npm install, and cmake on various projects. We’re looking forwards to seeing speed comparisons from the community once we release!

The initial release of WSL 2 will arrive by the top of June 2019 in Insider builds of Windows 10. Read Microsoft’s blog for more details about its Linux kernel plans.

Microsoft is launching a replacement Windows Terminal app, which will make this next version of WSL work even better.

User Questions:

1.Is Windows Linux or Unix?

Even though Unix doesn’t support Windows, Microsoft has dabbled in Unix in the past. For example, Microsoft licensed Unix from AT&T within the late 1970s and used it to develop its commercial derivative, which it called Xenix.

2.Is Windows 10x Unix based?

All of Microsoft’s operating systems are supported by the Windows NT kernel today. For example, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows RT, Windows Phone 8, Windows Server, and the Xbox One’s OS use the Windows NT kernel. However, unlike most other operating systems, Windows NT wasn’t developed as a Unix-like OS.

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3.Is Unix better than Linux?

Linux is more flexible and free than true Unix systems, which is why Linux has gained more popularity. While discussing the commands in Unix and Linux, they’re not equivalent but are considerably similar. The commands in each distribution of an equivalent family OS also vary. Solaris, HP, Intel, etc.

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