windows 10 cloud restore

windows 10 cloud restore

Here we can see “windows 10 cloud restore”

How to reset PC using Windows 10 Cloud Download

One of the new features available within the latest Windows 10 v2004 edition is performing a ‘Cloud Download’ to reinstall or reset Windows 10. The new feature implies that every time you select to reset your PC, Windows will offer you a choice to download the latest copy of Windows 10 from the cloud apart from your local copy of Windows 10.

This seems like a handy thanks to getting yourself the newest copy of Windows 10. It mimics the power that macOS users have when resetting their devices by connecting to macOS cloud servers. 

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With the cloud download feature, users don’t need to reinstall Windows manually once they experience issues. Instead, they will request a replica of their operating systems from the cloud.

How Cloud Download Feature Works

Windows has its recovery options, including the hard reset and image recovery. The notable improvement in Microsoft came with the introduction of the “Imageless” recovery.

With “imageless” recovery, rather than having a recovery image take up space on the drive, Windows 10 creates a fresh copy of Windows by assembling files present within the Windows installation. This suggests no room for storing is wasted on a separate recovery partition.

Though the imageless recovery was a helpful touch in recovering windows, some users experienced challenges in Windows recovery. Unfortunately, these challenges were common, especially when the installation media was during an evil or corrupt state.

Another common drawback of Imageless recovery is that you should have the newest updates to your Windows 10. Otherwise, you’ll not be ready to recover your Windows 10 OS.

It should be noted that when resetting your PC, you’ll prefer to either keep your personal files or have them far away from your PC. Either way, Windows will remove your installed programs and provides you a fresh OS. The ‘Reset This PC’ feature makes it almost such as you just opened your PC for the primary time, just no installed programs.

The new cloud download addresses these drawbacks. Rather than checking out the installed Windows version on your computer, the cloud download navigates through the Microsoft servers for the windows installation files. As a result, cloud download is more straightforward and looks like creating a USB bootable media with the newest version of Windows 10 and installing your windows with the drive. But you are doing not require a USB media installation with a cloud download.

How to use Cloud Download feature?

Using the cloud download feature in Windows 10’s 20H1 Update is straightforward.

  1. Click on “Settings”
  2. Select “Update& Security”
  3. Then, select “Recovery.”
  4. Next, click the “Get Started” button below the “Reset this PC” option.
  5. Choose to either keep or remove the files from your PC, then click proceed
  6. Now, select the “Cloud download” option, which will initiate the Download of windows installation files from the Microsoft servers.

How Cloud Download is going to be available

The Cloud Download feature would be available soon because the user updates their Windows 10 to the newest feature update, i.e., Windows 10 version 2004. The feature also will be available in Windows recovery environments. So, if your PC fails else up, you’ll use the cloud download feature to repair it. For the difficulty, you’ll select the “Reset This PC” option within the start environment. Then, choose cloud download to reinstall your Windows files to an uncorrupted and bootable state.

Also, when using the function, you ought to use a wired internet connection. This is often because the wireless internet connections are hooked into the PC’s installed drivers unavailable during a windows recovery environment.

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